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My name is Jin-hie, although some like to call me disturbed. I like to say I was passionate. I was a schoolgirl from South Korea who was madly in love with a man named Chang-hoon. We shared many special moments together, and he was especially fond of my piano playing. His favorite song was Moonlight Sonata! Even though Chang-hoon was married, that didnʼt stop my love for him. To show my adoration, I even gave him a cell phone with a unique number, just for Chang-hoon and I to talk to one another on.

Eventually his wife, Ho-jeong, found the phone and discovered our secret relationship. She then lured me to a park and took me to her and Chang-hoonʼs home while he was away. She began to question me and disgustingly begged me to leave Chang-hoon! I boasted about our relationship and willingly told her about our unborn child, and my plans to spend the rest of my life with him! Unaccepting of this truth, she threw me down the stairs and killed me, bashing my head with a heavy statue. She then buried me behind the walls of her house and sealed me off for what she thought was going to be forever!

My spirit could not rest! My search for Chang-hoon was relentless! I began to torment anyone who acquired the special number that was originally meant for only me and Chang-hoon! I possessed anyone associated with it and eventually made them commit suicide or harm themselves beyond imagination! I showed no mercy and felt no remorse for anyone who crossed my path. Not even Chang-hoon and Ho-jeongʼs little daughter! But when Ho-jeong eventually crossed the line, I re-animated myself from behind the wall and finally gained my vengeance!

Even though my cell phone is gone, my undying love for Chang-hoon lingers, and I will not rest until we are together again! So pray that you do not receive our special number, and think twice before you answer. If you do decide to bravely pick up, listen for our love song, Moonlight Sonata, or my screeching angry voice, and you too will see the same impending doom as the others! 

Portrayed by: Choi Ji-yeon

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