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Horror Funding: ZOM-B-GIRLS Pin-Up Playing Cards

Team Zombie is combining three of our favorite things: zombies, poker and pin-up girls!

100% custom Zombie Pinup Girl poker playing cards. Because what’s better than zombies? Beautiful zombies…duh! Henceforth they shall be known as “Zom-B-girls”.


Why Pinup Girl Zombies?

We believe many will love a unique deck incorporating humour, playful sexiness and of course that current staple of pop culture, the ever lovin’ Zombie! Just because humanity has perished from this alternate post apocalyptic zombie world doesn’t mean they have to miss out on cute girls when they play cards! And neither should you.

How we found the deck.

In a world much like our own, in a time, in a place…it was/is (dimension hopping is confusing) 2015 and the pandemic has/had (ok I’ll stop) reached its natural conclusion…humanity has pretty much snuffed it. The zombies unlive everywhere, but after a while of chasing the few survivors around, they just kind of went back to their normal unlives, just at a much slower pace with a lot less chit chat. Card games still got played, albeit very slowly, the occasional finger falling into the chip bowl and pinup zombgirls still needed to show off, before their looks completely fade (in a day or two usually). And so a world went “rraouggha” and “brains!” and “uhhhg?” in response to the most beautiful deck of pinup Zom-B-girls ever unleashed upon an unthinking and pungent populace.

Fortunately for us we’ve only got a portal into their world and we pop in now and then to nick stuff. In this case we’ve come back with a deck so profound, so beautiful that we had to share it.

With your funding we’ll be able to launch a full expedition into this world to recover the missing cards (and maybe some other goodies). We’ll keep you updated on our progress, we’ll let you get to know the team (and mourn the occasional one we’ll probably lose).


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