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Zombie Mermaids by Gorgeous & Gory

Sweet mother of pearl, Gorgeous & Gory has done it again! In vigilantly preparing for the impending Zombie Apocalypse, we must plan for all scenarios. With that in mind, if said apocalypse turns out to be less imminent thanpreviously believed, we’ve fastidiously put together an all new 2013 calendar!

Gorgeous & Gory has sought out 13 of the most ravishing beauties alive and they are really going to knock your socks off!

Straight from the murky depths of the cold, dark sea the Gorgeous & Gory Zombie Mermaids!

Voluptuous and vicious, these sirens will have you gasping for air month after month. Breathtakingly beautiful and equally gruesome, everyone can appreciate this inventive collection of photographs. One thing is for sure, once you see these 13 vixens, you will be hooked!

This 13-month calendar is professionally printed on high-quality coated stock and fastened with an attractive metal binding. The layout extends to a full 11” x 22” when opened and the date boxes allow plenty of room for writing, planning, and scheduling for the next Zombie Apocalypse.

Created by Dead Flesh columnist Jessica Rajs, with the help of designer Sean White and a highly advanced team of makeup artists, Gorgeous & Gory continue to exhibit their trademark exquisite styling and fantastic locations while maintaining the perfect balance of glamour and gore.

The Gorgeous & Gory 2013 Zombie Mermaid Calendar is available for purchase on our website: www.gorgeousandgory.com

For wholesale purchasing information, please contact us at (201) 247-4355 or via email at: jessie@gorgeousandgory.com

Your days amongst the living are running low, so why not edify your eyes by purchasing a product of the finest quality from the brain-eating babes you have come to trust! Order the Gorgeous & Gory 2013 Zombie Mermaid Calendar NOW and die happy!

Mostly because Zombie Mermaids hate feet.

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