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Interview: Fight the Machine (Musical Group)

Exclusive Horrornews.net Interview:
Fight the Machine (Alexander Millar, Joey Jane, & Prentice Daggs)

What are some favorite horror films of Fight the Machine?

Alexander Millar (Lead vocals, Guitar): The Alien Trilogy, Event Horizon, Rosemary’s Baby, The Shining, Army of Darkness.

Joey Jane (Bass): Nightmare On Elm Street, and all the corny 90’s ones. You know, the ones where they kill the blonde with the big tits.

Prentice Daggs (Drums): Pumpkinhead, Jaws, Aliens, Halloween.

Your opinion of classic horror films being remade?

AM: I think that most of the time it’s a mistake, not just for horror films either. It’s not like we live in an age where we have limited access to media, no matter when it was made, so the argument that the people remaking films are “exposing the stories to a new generation” falls flat with me. That’s not to say that there haven’t been some excellent remakes, but I would prefer that studios take a chance on new ideas.

JJ: Stop!

PD: Stop f*cking remaking movies.

You guys play some historic venues, out of all of them, which is the best place to play?

AM: It depends what you mean by “best”, but some of my favorites are The Troubadour and The Viper Room in Hollywood.

JJ: The Whisky a Go-Go in Hollywood, CA.

PD: Troubadour. In my experience, it had the best stage, and best sound for us!

How would you describe you fans?

AM: They enjoy long walks on the beach, poetry, cooking and are looking for something special.

JJ: Enthusiastic and really excited to have a band that will connect back with them rather than blow them off because we are “such a big deal”.

What song to do absolutely love to play live?


JJ: We have a new one Called “Broadway” which is such a punk rock anthem that i love to play!

PD: Song for the Doomed. That has such an amazing hard hitting beat, that allows me to go nuts!

What was it like filming the music video, Cannibal?

AM: It was a blast. We had a great team that worked really hard to get across what we were trying to do.

JJ: I was drunk followed by hung over, and ended up dating one of the actresses, as i do…

PD: Stressful! Long hours. Well worth it in the end.

Would you rather be eaten by a cannibal or zombie?

AM: I would say a cannibal, and as long as I’m making requests it would have to be Hannibal Lector. At least he would do it tastefully, no pun intended.

JJ: I would say a cannibal, but that chick that went ape shit in the beginning of Zombieland started out pretty hoot…so i’ll go team zombie

PD: Zombie! Walking Dead style!

Who are some bands that inspire your creativity?

AM: Green Day, 30STM, Our Lady Peace, U2, The Anix, Johnny Cash and about a trillion more.

JJ: Motley Crue, Guns n Roses, a7x, Green Day, also some of our local friends out here in LA!

PD: Green Day, Motley Crue, Michael Jackson, Justin Timberlake.

Do you think your brand of music would fit well in a horror movie?

AM: Yes! Whether it’s a delicate love scene or a end-of-days zombie attack, we go well with any occasion! Call now, operators are standing by to take YOUR order today!

JJ: I would love to hear Cannibal in a horror film!

PD: The Peasants would be great in a film.

What coming up next for Fight the Machine?

AM: We’re playing a fright festival in October, and then we’ll be at the Whisky a Go-Go on November 14th with The Dreaming.

JJ: What Alex said, writing new music, and continuing to hustle…I will be at The Seventh Vail until these shows happen, come say hi!

PD: Don’t forget to like us on Facebook.com/officialFTM

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