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Film Review: Incest Death Squad (2009)

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Aaron works for the local news paper and is sent out to the middle of no where to find a new story for his article. Aaron is told to find something about “dead hookers” since they bring the readers but there aren’t any dead hookers anywhere near Aaron, instead there are a bunch of male tourists who are vanishing only to never be heard from again….looks like Aaron just might get his story after all.


Directed by: Cory J. Udles
Starring: Tom Lodewyck, Greg Johnson, Carmela Wiese and Melissa Murphy

“These two men who came up missing….does that happen a lot around here?”

Incest Death Squad (you have to love that title) starts by showing two young men who are fishing. It is during this opening sequence that the viewer gets a look at who end up being the “victims” throughout the film. All of the “victims” are played very ham boned style which leads to lots of chuckles during the death scenes. The two men who are fishing suddenly spot a single attractive girl who is by herself. The girl informs the guys that they can party right there if they wanted to and the eager young men are more than ready. The party gets interrupted however when a large man suddenly shows up and kills the two men, when the large man and the woman start to talk after the death it is revealed that the two victims were tourists so it was indeed a justifiable death.

Incest Death Squad then quickly introduces the character of Aaron; well first the viewer gets a very entertaining performance from Lloyd Kaufman as the editor of the paper. Aaron is sent out on a job to the middle of no where to try to find a story and the film shows his trip to this location for maybe just a bit too long. When Aaron arrives at his hotel he finds that he is smitten instantly by the beauty of the desk clerk Andrea.

Incest Death Squad mainly deals with two couples for most of the film. The first couple is the large man and woman from the opening sequence. Their names are Jeb and Amber and they are on a mission from God to kill sinners. Their main method of killing is to send Amber into the local tavern where she seduces tourists into coming back with her, this is done in several scenes and each time it really is funny. The cast is having a lot of fun with this film and like I said up there all of the victims are very funny before they meet their end. After Jeb and Amber kill their victims the two of them often engage in sex, since Amber believes it is her right. This wouldn’t seem so bad if Amber and Jeb weren’t brother and sister, ah now we see where the title of the film came from.

The other couple in the film is Aaron and Andrea. Aaron and Andrea start off slow, Aaron stumbles around asking her out until he is finally able to. During their date Aaron learns that Andrea isn’t just the desk clerk, she actually owns the small motel. It doesn’t take long for Aaron and Andrea to instantly fall madly in love with each other and this leads up to the two of them having a sex scene set to one of my favorite guilty pleasure songs on the 1980’s Britney Fox’s Girl School! It was about at that point in the film that I decided I didn’t care what happened I was going to love this movie.

Aaron eventually finds his way to the local tavern himself, he is after all here to find a story and the radio keeps talking about missing tourists so who knows maybe a story will fall in his lap. While sitting at the bar Aaron gets to meet Amber, since Aaron really isn’t a tourist she quickly looses interest in him and makes her way back to two younger men who are more than eager to take Amber up on her offers. When the group of three leaves the bar Aaron decides to follow them just to see what exactly goes on.

When the group arrive at their farm Aaron witnesses Jeb and Amber kill both of the young men, terrified Aaron goes to leave only to end up twisting his own ankle; before the viewer can even tell Aaron to get out of the situation however he is capture by Jeb and Amber which leads to a night that Aaron will never soon forget….it looks like he might have found that story after all.

Cory J. Udles Incest Death Squad is not a serious horror film and is meant for those who have a sense of humor. The gore score on this one isn’t really there, I mean sure the red stuff is thrown around the camera like its going out of style but there aren’t really any FX shots; a good example of this is when Jeb supposedly hits a victim in the head with a weapon, the viewer simply sees the bottom half of the victims face while the fake blood is poured over it.

The main thing with Incest Death Squad though is the cast. The cast in the film really handle their roles quite well Greg Johnson’s performance as Jeb is truly a highlight of the film when his rant goes from the word of God to his sisters own rack is truly a what the hell moment in cinema. Even the small parts such as the victims and the bartender of the local tavern all handle the roles tongue in cheek, they knew they weren’t making Suspiria they were making Incest Death Squad and they made a very fun film.

Incest Death Squad is definitely recommended for those who like their horror with a twelve pack of cold ones and a group of friends so what are you waiting for….join the party.

Incest Death Squad (2009)

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