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Horror Talk 22

Heya Lovies!

Is it just me or was there a lot going on for the past two weeks? Well, we will get to that all in a little bit.

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Let’s get into the column, shall we. ;)

Death Has Struck And Been A Very Busy Boy!

Wow. What a crazy couple of weeks ey! We have had many celebrity deaths lately and some more iconic than others.

David Carradine – Manner of death still under investigation. Foul play suspected.
Carradine was found hanging in a closet, completely naked, with a rope tied around his neck, hands, and genitals. As I reported earlier this month, a Thai gossip magazine acquired Carradine’s crime scene photos and printed them for public viewing. Out of respect for the family, I will not publicize the location of the photos but did have the chance to view them when I searched to authenticate the rumors.
Carradine’s hands were found bound ABOVE his head. Can someone please explain to me how a man accomplishes this? Thai authorities originally called this a suicide, and then changed it to “accidental death by manner of autoerotic asphyxiation”. The family has enlisted help of the USFBI and the Thai authorities have agreed to be cooperative. This is a case I have been paying much attention to and will update you as I know.

Ed McMahon – No reported method of death although his publicist said he succumbed to ongoing health problems.
Johnny Carson’s left hand man has passed away at the age of 86. A man who was known to be one of the best announcers in his day was riddled with financial problems throughout the last years of his life. Interesting enough, not too long before he died, a report was released that he was at one time sexually involved with some of Hollywood’s hottest actors in his younger years such as Marlon Brando and James Dean. McMahon was married three times and has six children, three boys and three girls,

Farrah Fawcett – Died after long battle with anal cancer.
Known as the most beautiful of Charlie’s Angels, Faucet lost her ongoing battle with anal cancer in her home surrounded by family. Faucet had been battling the disease for many years by trying every method of cures that she could find. She even traveled to other countries such as Mexico in her search for health. She documented her struggle at one point and it was broadcast on a syndicated channel bringing in more than a million viewers. Her last message was of hope and prosperity, Faucet will be remembered for such.

Michael Jackson – Cardiac arrest. Official cause unknown.
The King Of Pop is dead. Many say it comes as quite a shock but is it really?
Jackson came to fame by performing with the group The Jackson 5, a group involving his brothers that was created by his father Joe Jackson. With a strict Jehovah’s Witness upbringing and an allegedly abusive childhood, Michael eventually split from the group and embarked on a very successful solo career. His original moves and powerful songs earned him the title of The King Of Pop. Later he would start acting erratically by getting massive amounts of plastic surgery, bleaching his skin to be lighter, building a virtual playground in his mansion and naming it Neverland Ranch, and isolating himself more and more from the public. He was given the name Wacko Jacko by the press and later faced even more problems as rumors and legal battles over child molestation and financial problems ran ramped. He developed an addiction to pain killers such as oxycontin and started taking a daily dose of Demerol on top of it. He had two children by his nanny then conceived another child through a surrogate mother. He started planning a comeback tour and was 50 days into rehearsals when he was found by his personal physician allegedly with a weak pulse and not breathing. He dies shortly thereafter. Rumor had it that Jackson has around 50 previously unreleased tracks to be released in the event of his death to ensure the financial stability of his three young children. These are set to include songs produced by such artists as Will.I.Am, Neo and Jermaine Dupree.

Billy Mays – Undetermined
The King of OxyClean and the Awesome Auger has passed away from causes unknown at this time. He was reported to have hit his head during a rough landing at a Florida airport but his physician reportedly said he suffered from heart disease. Rising to fame through his high energy infomercials, Mays became a household name with his products and positive attitude.


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Stay Twisted, Dai

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