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Book Review: SINema 2 – Author Rod Glenn

Our lovable mass murderer has returned for a sequel written by Rod Glenn. If you have not read the first book yet then you might as well stop reading now. Spoilers, pet, spoilers…

Ok – if you are still with me here then I am going to assume you have read Sinema. Han Whitman returns to his normal life but something begins to nag at him. His dreams, once pleasant and uneventful, are now filled with the faces from Haydon. His good friend John and his lover Lisa permeated his thoughts often along with several other notables. They, more often than not, were put with a simple phrase, “Not your time, son.” This simple phrase haunted Han and made his life miserable. His movie store was losing money and having sleepless nights was not going to help matters.

Han figured that the images in his dreams were trying to tell him something. His experiment, because of them, was a failure. He should have returned home feeling great but instead he was haunted. It then struck him hard one day that the experiment was not over. There needed to be a phase two. He was out of whack because he slaughtered an entire town full of innocent people save one lone survivor. In order to be completely settled over the whole thing he needed to set the world back in balance. He would not slaughter the evil; one for one. The only rule would be that no innocents be killed in the process.
With this in his mind he set out trolling databases and websites of sex offenders. This went well a few times but then he decided he needed to up the ante and branched out to other violent offenders, drug dealers and the like. This was going to take a long, long time be he happened upon a like-minded fellow he nicknamed “Charlie” who had connections that would prove most successful to our would-be hero serial killer.

Rod Glenn brings back Han Whitman in what is a successful sequel to a successful original. We learn a lot more about Han and his life. We see his relationship with his best friend Perry as well as how close he is with his mother. Han always becomes infatuated with Cara; a cop. All of these things revolve around Han’s need to set the balance back so he can live a normal life with his newfound love. Like most things in life nothing ever really goes as planned. Rod Glenn gives us a lot of twists, turns and “wow” moments that keep you wanting to turn the page until you reach the back cover. Once you do, you will wonder, “Why is there no more?” and will have to suffer knowing the conclusion to a very good book.

Sinema 2 is written by Rod Glenn and can be found through Wild Wolf Publishing. It is available in paperback as well as in eBook format.

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