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Film Review: Zombie Cheerleading Camp (2007)

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Where Cheerleading Is Life….Even When You’re Dead!


Zombie Cheerleader Camp….that about says it all right there! Alot of times I feel ya need a break from all the on-the-edge gut-wrenching nail-biters for some simple down home zombie fun. The setting…… a strict cheerleading camp led by a tough as nails coach named Coach Sullivan. She as the camp leader, is pretty close to your Hitler with pom poms. Though you probaly wouldn’t guess from the film but scroll down a bit…..man, what a set of legs on her! Her son…. a champion cheerleader, is her prized possession that makes me cringe every time I see him strike a pose for the ladies. Things are business as usual…a group of 3 friends head out to cheerleading camp paid for by there parents for a week of training.

On the way they develop a flat, flag down some party boys happening to drive by and get to their destination on time. This isn’t the last we see of the boys who provide a quick late night get together in there cabin for weed and conversation. You can see where most of this is going so far.

So lets back up a bit. The film starts off with an illustration driven intro. Apparently in 1945, a Nazi camp was experimenting with bringing the dead back to life and succeeded. The zombies get out of control, the nazis put a stop to it, an the secrets are buried in a cave. Well that doesn’t stop a inquisitive squirrel from getting in and getting infected. One thing leads to another and this squirrel happens to bite one of the boys for a rather extended punch- the-squirrel-session that pits boy against prop rodent. Kind of funny from a cheap gag point of view. But hey we are talking strictly independent here…. so we take what we can get. The cheerleaders go about there quarrelsome bitch-like attitude towards one another…something not so far from the truth at an all girl camp.

Now it shouldn’t be to hard to guess what comes next? The boys hook up with the girls and the zombie virus gets passed around a bit. Pretty fast if you ask me..per usual bitten or attacked transfer. This prompts the situation into a last survivors quarantine in where the remaining unaffected board up into the campground cafeteria and hope that the undead don’t make there way in. The film is shot pretty simply using the advantage of outdoors and plenty of green spray paint on hand. Much of the zombie gags are done per way of gather-around-and-yank out-intestinal-props style.

Though a few gags are done using cutaway bodies and clever edits. This is the debut directorial from writer / director Jon Fabris who seems to have gotten alot of his talent and shots from the small town of Raleigh, North Carolina. . most of the actors are first timers or come from small resume backgrounds…however the film as a whole works for what it is. Part horror / part comedy Zombie Cheerleader Camp is a fun independent release.

My favorite scene was the man outside who gets attacked while water sprays up in the air finalized by a bucket of water. Its the little things such as these that still put a smile on your face. Viewers, by now are probably sick to death of zombie films but it seems like thiese films are the common denominator among first time filmmakers. I’ve seen enough of them to know that the subject matter is pretty derivative but you still may find some reasons to laugh when all is said and done. The production is young and is shot without any film treatment. Though I have to say…There’s something about seeing a bunch of young girls chomp down on pig intestines that is still entertaining to watch. A nice debut for the director, I’d be looking to the future to see what he has in store down the road.

Zombie Cheerleading Camp (2007)

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