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Film Review: Spek.ter (2007)


A Woman screams. A mysterious figure in black wields a knife. A dead Woman appears covered in blood. For Dani, a Goth Erotic Pin-up Model, these events may be signs of something to come on one fateful night. Will she survive, or is all not what it appears to be?


Written & Directed by: Terrence Kelsey
Starring: Keisha Jackson and Serena Toxicat

Dani is an entrepreneurial young woman who runs her own Goth Erotica website, which is filled with pictures of her recreating poses of real deaths from crime scene books. One day while working, she hears about the death of her favorite Goth Queen singer, Morgana Saint, which sets off a very quick, yet horrifying, chain of events that makes Dani question just what is real and what in the blue hell is happening to her…

According to the definition given in this supernatural horror short, a spectre is something that haunts or perturbs the mind. Our heroine certainly has her fair share of mindf*cking that comes her way in this 14-minute short, so the definition is, to me, spot on…just like this flick. I’m almost too embarrassed (which ain’t easy to do, folks) to admit this in public, but I had to watch this short a 2nd time before I actually “got it”. After the light bulb came on over me, I smacked my forehead, called myself a dumbass, and cursed my preoccupation with something shiny across the room that caused me to miss it the first time. Since then, I’ve viewed it a 3rd, 4th, and 5th time, and it keeps getting better every single time I see it.

Keisha Jackson is, plain and simple, a knockout. Not only is she incredibly beautiful, but she brings a wide-eyed innocence to Dani that I’m eternally grateful for; in the wrong hands, this could have spelled disaster from the opening frame. Given that her dialogue is minimal, she has no choice but to convey most of her emotions through body language and facial expressions, and pulls it off wonderfully. The same can be said for Serena Toxicat, who plays Goth singer Morgana Saint – intoxicatingly gorgeous; and without much dialogue to work with, has to rely on her talent and trust in the filmmaker & material to make it work, which she does without a hitch.

Writer/Director Kelsey has crafted a very creepy and cerebral little supernatural horror flick here, and helps to further the cause of the independent filmmaker, showing that we can have intelligent horror made on a shoestring budget without the interference of big studio brass who wouldn’t know real horror if fell out of the sky, landed on their faces, and started to wiggle. If this is only the beginning of Mr. Kelsey’s career, and if this is what we get from him in only a quarter of an hour, then you can bet your ass that I’m looking forward to seeing what he can do with a feature-length project. As of this writing, I’m honestly not sure of the availability of this short, but don’t be afraid to contact the man himself and ask him about it. You can find him here:


You may have noticed that I really haven’t discussed much, if anything, about the actual plot or storyline of SPEK.TER. That’s because, at a scan’t 14 minutes, there really isn’t much I can say about it without giving anything away, and we all know how much I hate spoilers. All I can say is, if you’re in the mood for a nudity-filled, bold and bloody, thinking-person’s supernatural story, then seek this one out!

Spek.ter (2007)

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