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Interview: Mickey Finn (Cold Blue Rebels)

Exclusive Horrornews Interview –  Mickey Finn – Cold Blue Rebels

1. How would you explain the sound of Horror-punk-Psycho-Rockabilly?

Mickey Finn: Slightly gothic, dark and dramatic, a heavy blend of Punk and Rockabilly, country like Johnny Cash back in the day had a definite dark undertone. And the more creepy punk bands like Misfits, and 45 Grave, opened the door for kids who didn’t quite dig the romantic side of death rock and Goth. The blending of lyrics that tell tale of death, murder, zombies, and monsters, is a great and fun theme to enjoy with music as well as with the horror movie genre. And if you dig movies with the demonic hillbilly theme such as Rob Zombies movies, then you understand the whole crazy cryptic country hick side of Psychobilly, 2 things that contrast as well as compliment each other in a strange way.

2. What songs can we look forward to on your debut CD, “BLOOD, GUTS n’ ROCK & ROLL”?

Mickey Finn: Personal favorites are “Worm Hole Hooker” our tale of a gang bang with a dead and rotted prostitute who comes back to life to enjoy the fun! Also “Zombie Love” a 50’s style Doo Wop love song dedicated to young Zombie love till death and beyond! And several tracks with me playing Blues Harmonica- Drenched in Black, Pumpkin King, and Riot in Cell Block #9, and old Wanda Jackson song.

3. Can you give an example of a few of your favorite lyrics?

Mickey Finn:
From “Worm Hole Hooker”-

Somebody dug her up it was such a sin

She was all full of holes where the worms had been

Never mind the stench it was time for fun

She had enough holes to take them all at once!

From “Brain Food”-

Brain food

I just can’t get enough

Brain Food

It feeds my zombie lust

Brain food

I gotta have it, open up the skull and take, 2, scoops

It does a body good

Brain food!!

4. Do the COLD BLUE REBELS have a favorite horror movie?

Mickey Finn: I love special makeup effects and Evil Dead 2 has always been a favorite, Angelic and i own 300-400 gore and Zombie movies, so too many to list there. But i do still love to be truly terrified and genuinely creeped out by a movie which seldom happens anymore, but The Exorcism of Emily Rose really spooked me, living alone at the time, i slept with the lights on for a few days! Maybe its because i went to catholic school as a kid. (a scary thing). I love it all Zombies, monsters, vampires, murder, psychos. LOVE IT!!

5. What can horror fans expect to see during the course of one of your live performances?

Mickey Finn: Great sounding hard rocking entertainment by 4 of the hottest middle aged dead guys and hot YOUNG dead chicks, real coffins… at one point i rip the guts out of Angelic our lead dancer, and there’s more to come as things develop and we get to bigger venues and stages. So much fun really ya have to see it! You will get your moneys worth!! I guarantee it!

6. Do you have any cool road trip stories that you can share with your fans?

Mickey Finn: Well sex drugs and rock n roll is just part of the lifestyle for me although not as extreme as it was 15 years ago, but the real funny stories usually come from near death experiences, like waking up in the bunk of a 40 ft. tour bus while its doing 360 degree spins down the highway!!

7. Where is your favorite place to perform?

Mickey Finn: So far Scottsdale, AZ has been great and of course Bar Sinister in Hollywood is THE BEST!!! Our record release party there was probably our best show to date, tons of great photos by Danni Valdez ‘Shutter to Think’ photography can be seen online.

8. Who are your inspirations when it comes and music and theatrical live performers?

Mickey Finn: Alice Cooper, Kiss,The Damned, Gwar, old blues, classic punk, metal, ol-timey country, 50’s rock n roll… I am a music lover and my taste is diverse.

9. If you could feed any one of your songs into any one horror movie, what song and what movie would it be?


Mickey Finn: Such a hard question… Maybe “Worm Hole Hooker”, into the scene in “Return of the Living Dead” where the hot chick gets eaten at the cemetery!

10. What’s next for COLD BLUE REBELS?

Mickey Finn: Spreading the word about CBR to the world!! Starting with 2 summer tours in USA and then off to Europe. Keep it Creepy!! See ya soon!

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