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Delamorte’s Dungeon: 02.18.11 – Horror News Updates

Hey there punks!  I am so very sorry for the time it has taken for me to finally bring you the second edition. I have been extremely busy bringing you the greatest horror has to offer. . past and present. . in other arenas! Hopefully you are a part of that already. . you are welcome. . with open arms to strangle you with. Haha! But. . I’m back and ready to rock! Well,it’s February and this month is an incredible month for horror. . and to celebrate the ladies who bring it to us. That’s right! It’s Women In Horror Month! Myself and my staff are in the middle of a huuge ode to the gals that make us scream! Head on over to The Dungeon page to feel the love! So. . with that seed planted. . let’s walk towards the shadows and darkness. . and into some horror business!

Why don’t we begin with some new nightmares? There are plenty of new releases out there that make the gory grade. . and here are a few that come highly recommended.

This just in to the News To Me files. . Hollywood can actually make positive horror remakes. . well. . once or twice. Now look, I am not getting into bed with corporate horror makers. . no worries there. . but I really did enjoy these two offerings I am about to mention.

First is the Hammer Films / Anchor Bay remake to the classic Swedish masterpiece Let The Right One In. . the equally awesome Let Me In! Cloverfield director Matt Reeves gives us a loving and incredible interpretation of Tomas Alfredson’s adaptation . The story is of course the story of a bond between a lonely young female vampire and an abused,broken young human boy. You can latch on to this great dvd from Anchor Bay now! 

Next on the list is what I would call an incredible homage to a true legend in my eyes. I absolutely adore Camille Keaton’s portrayal of a woman who gets her revenge on the garbage that rape and abuse her. . but. . I must say Sarah Butler’s performance kicks just as much ass!And believe me, the revenge scenes will give you squeals of delight. . but will make you cringe all at the same time. You’ll cheer, you’ll throw up. . whatever your pleasure!This is yet another amazing remake. . cheers to you Steven R.  Monroe!See the pain and pleasure for yourself when you purchase I Spit On Your Grave also from Anchor Bay now!

And finally. . I have a great fear fest that everyone should give a chance. Are you HUNGRY for something new? Well, then watch director Jorge Michel Grau’s We Are What We Are. The story involves a concerned family of cannibals after their patriarch dies in the middle of the street. . uh-oh!So. . how will they survive without their proud pappy? When he’s not bringing home the “bacon” so to speak? Send the unwilling eldest son to do the dirty work. . that’s what!This film is gory, shocking. . but it is also heartfelt at times? Yes, it does have its moments. Check out the love of lunatics when We Are. . becomes available on most Video On Demand systems this weekend!


Searching for some scares in story form? Well, I have some cadaverous comics for you to check out!

First is the prequel/movie tie-in to the film just mentioned earlier, Let Me In. . and the series is up to issue three right now!Beautifully illustrated by Patric Reynolds, this tells the tale of vamp Abby and her “father” before the events in the film. . and this tale is definitely worth your time!See the origins of young evil when you pick up Let Me In #3 available from Dark Horse Comics now!


Next. . is a very special issue available in a few months. Here is just an opinion. If you do not know the work of Vincent Price. . you need to do some research to become a more educated horror fan. . just sayin’! I absolutely love and respect the work of Vincent Price. . and I am excited for the illustarted biopic, Vincent Price:His Life Story! The comic goes through the life and times of the horror maestro by visiting him in his amazing afterlife. Ha! Mr.  Price enjoys the cold embrace of death? What a shocker! Celebrate a legend  when His Life Story honors comic shelves in May from Blue Water Press!

Here is the only book I highly recommend! I had the pleasure and the honor of speaking to this incredible author on my podcast. . and now his new story is Delamorte’s Deadly Delight! I am speaking of Splatterpunk legend, John Skipp and his new e-book soon to be released in paperback, Spore! Co-wriiten by writing partner Cody Longfellow, this gruesome and funny tale tells the story of a prison experimental brain drug that somehow gets into the Los Angeles cocaine supply infecting many across the city. If you know Skipp’s work. . it’s going to be dark, highly violent, and a true reflection of human behavior! Join the infected when Spore is released by DP in August. . but check out the e-book version as we speak!

And finally. . for those who want more creepy crap for their collection. . I leave you fanboys like myself with moichandizing!

For the King fanatics out there. . there is a special Stephen King Collection from the killer Fright Rag t-shirt company! This is really cool news! The set includes beautiful images representing Pet Semetary, Night Shift, The Dark Half, and the George A.  Romero underrated film, Monkey Shines! Each one is a special limited edition and features artwork by Dan Brautigam from his original acrylic work. Be sure to check out these badass tees at the tride and true FRIGHTRAGS. COM!

News from the Toy Fair! Are there any Nightmare fans out there? h. . pretty much all of you? Great! Well, then this news is incredible news for all of us! NECA is releasing three new Elm Street action figures based on Freddy’s Revenge and Dream Warriors. These figures are gorgeous. . and only the masters at NECA can make Freddy look this good! Stay tuned for more on this news as it develops!

So, there you have it! Hopefully your sinister sweet tooth has been sated. Be sure to check out Delamorte’s Dungeon this month. . we are honoring Women In Horror full tilt! And. . check out The Dungeon Podcast. . we have had so many great guests. . and have so much more in store for you! So. . until next we meet. . keep continuing to fly that freak flag high! Most importantly, remember. . the only thing that can implae your dreams is your own negativity. Scare ya’ later, F. C. !

 Sweet Nightmares and Pleasant Screams,

Your Dream Bogeyman, Rob Delamorte

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