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Book Review: Midnight Call and The Other stories – Author Jonathan Thomas

Midnight Call and The Other stories

Author Jonathan Thomas
Published by Hippocampus Press
Cover art by David C. Verba.
Cover design by Barbara Briggs Silbert
258 Pages

I feel that writing about writing often reveals more about the reviewer than the original authors work. Reviewers can’t help but put our noses and likes and dislikes into a review. When I was about 12-13 I used to go to a bookstore in Canada and they would have old copies of books 4 for a $1 and these were good books, often classics or at least pulp classics. I read many horror short story anthologies and got my education from the masters of the form.

Now where do you ask does Jonathan Thomas fit into this review? Since you were good enough to ask I will tell you: Jonathan Thomas is of the writing school of the masters. His writing is dense, descriptive and very visual. He writes well and has some interesting stories to tell. His stories have different voices; he can change up the point of view and still come across as real, not a fake note in the book. “Midnight Call and other stories” is a fine collection of varied well told tales.
He writes of the weird, the strange, the horrorifying and even a dash of science fantasy for color. He is a very talented writer and would serve the reader well for an evening (you don’t read horror during the day) of surprises, scares and even a laugh or two. The tales range from “Eben’s Portrait’ which is old school gothic, to seductive pose of ‘Dr. Farrell’s Goddesses’ to gentle humor of ‘The Returns of Johnny Mapleseed’.

Some books are to be enjoyed like fine wine (or warm blood) and “Midnight Call and other stories” is one of them. The Insomniac is looking forward to reading more tales from Jonathan Thomas

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