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Film Review: The Ten Steps (Short film) (2004)

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Set in Ireland, a family moves to a new city neighborhood, taking residence in a large, old house that is rumored to have a dodgy past. Their young daughter Katie is caught in a power outage while the parents are out to dinner, and her father insists that she go down to the basement to fix the fuse. When they’d first moved in, Katie had a panic attack in the basement, brought on by stories that the devil once appeared down there. But with her father’s help, she slowly descends the ten steps to the bottom, each step into darkness inducing more and more terror, building up the suspense in a most simple, yet THE most effective way


Out of the collection from the Indie flix Chillers, this was my favorite. It really is a simple idea that takes fear and horror elements into consideration creating what would be a perfect anthology accompaniment piece. I think it effectiveness comes really in the way it leaves you on its finale.

 As we come upon a young girl who has been left alone at her house, we find out that the parents have had to step put to entertain his employer in the interest of making a good impression. The girl  nervously calls her parents to report that the lights have gone out and that she is nervous. Though to respect her father’s meeting, she informs him that she ‘ll be alright and not to return home. Concerned, he gives her instructions on how to locate the fuse box that is located in the basement. In the background we also notice something more diabolical brewing up.

It’s thru dialog, camera shots and emotion changes that this little piece works real effectively. Often some of the more stronger horror elements arrive on the wings of imagination and assumption. “The Ten Steps” directed and created by Brendon MulDowney is one such piece that is perfectly orchestrated and delivered while still keeping to a minimum amount of time.


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