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Magazine Review: Ultra Violent Magazine – Issue 7

Edited by Scott Gabbey
Published by Ultra Violent Magazine
Publication Date: Unknown
Format: B&W
Price: $6.00

Hell-o, information sucking leeches of the Horror literary world. This is a special coinciding review of Ultra Violent Magazine to go along with the movie review of Murder-Set-Pieces. You’ll see many other magazine, comic and book reviews from me in the future, from Masters of Horror and Strange Tales…. to Toxic, Fangoria, Rue Morgue and these cats which I have for you now, Ultra Violent. The reason why I start my venture into maggo-zines is because more Horor fans need to read Ultra Violent. This magazine digs more underground than most and for that, I adore them. There are also full color, one page ads for underground names in Horror, such as my traveling bud from Chicago, Jill, and her company, Lixonline and Andrew D. Gore and Satanssideshow. There are ads for comic companies that read Comix That Fuck Your Face… You just won’t find that in most magazines. Also, just as Rue Morgue these days, there always seems to be a graphically tasty Toetag Pictures ad thrown in as well, which is never a bad thing. Speaking of Toetag Pictures, this particular issue is full of them. Ads and interviews. Even diagrams of the screaming, chainsaw split puppet used in M-S-P.

The first article is entitled Sex, Murder… Art? It is about In Hell Productions, the underground production company of off the wall Horror. An magazine that almost names their article after a Slayer song gets bonus points with me. There is an interview with Terry Lofton, director of The Texas Nailgun Massacre. There is an article on Nazi exploitation films…(can you feel it? We’re getting closer)such as Madam Kitty. Toetag Pictures makes an early appearance with an on-set visit to The Redsin Tower. There is interview with Gaspar Noe, director of Irreversible(my review for the film is coming soon..Fans of the film will yojne. Mike Watt interviews Scooter McCrae. Also, the other spawn of Toetag Pictures, My friend Nikki and Maggot Films makes small appearances in this issue (among others) as well.

Contributing Writers include Writer and Director of The Mutilation Man, Andy Copp. Of course, there’s Mike Watt and Heather Drain among others. The Editor is Art Ettinger and a mighty cutting job he does. I can only mean that in a good way, not a Lion’s Gate Pictures sort of way… Which brings me to the grand finale of coverage in this issue. The ten page “piece” of the magazine in which makes this mag reach beyond the rest, as no other magazine has had this much coverage (besides the cover of Variety).

The ten page review on Murder-Set-Pieces has interviews with Writer, Producer and Director, Nick Palumbo… Janice Risser, actress and Jade’s mom… Jade Risser and Actresses… LeAnn Clinton, Andrea Mitchell, Valerie Baber, Ashley Twigg, Destiny St. Claire, Jami Jent, Lauren Palac, Cinematographer, Brendan Flynt, Actors Gunnar Hansen, Tony Todd, Sven Garrett and Special Effects Team, Fred Vogel, Jerami Cruise, Cristie Whiles and Shelby Jackson.

The issues has many pictures from the film, a page of the script and diagrams of the mechanical puppet used for the infamous chainsaw kill scene. A scene that puts the Texas Chainsaw Massacre (as much as I absolutely adore the original) to bloody shame. The realism is unlike most you will probably see. This magazine reveals the secrets behind the brutality. It also has uncensored interviews with some members of the cast that do not care for the Writer and Director so much anymore. This magazine, just as it’s coverage, holds nothing back. There are no censors and everyone got to say what they had to say… Some of it wasn’t pretty. This issue tells all in graphic detail.

All in all, besides this issue (because of the obvious), I highly recommend this magazine to any fan of true Horror. Looking for something under the censors of Hollywood ridden pollution? Look no further than any issue of Ultra Violent Magazine. Pick one up today! I give this Magazine, Ultra Violent- Issue 7, TWO EYES GOUGED (CHECK IT) OUT.

Until the next time, this was Jay. Feed your dead brain and read until your eyes burst open. Later..

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Available from Ultra Violent Magazine

Ultra Violent Magazine  – Issue 7

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