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Frightful Japan: Playing Hide and Seek by Yourself (Hitori Kakurenbo)

I fondly remember my teens. I like to think of those years as that precious time when I was old enough not to be frightened by all the creatures lurking under my bed, and yet still young enough that I wasn’t terrified by mortgages, yearly health check ups, and my own teenage son announcing that he wants to be a rock ’n’ roll guitarist when he grows up. Those were the invincible years. And they probably should have lasted until my late twenties and early thirties except I did something truly scary.

I moved to Japan.

Japan is a wonderful country filled with kind and generous people, but when you peel back the layers you find that the Japanese culture takes “scary” to a entirely new level.

I remember as a kid being freaked out by the game Bloody Mary — going into a bathroom, turning around, reciting something three times, and looking into the mirror. I thought nothing could be creepier than that. Well, let me tell you about Japan’s take on the old bathroom scare.

I first heard about hitori kakurenbo (playing hide and seek by yourself) back in late 2007. It sounded like an anticlimactic game geared to sad shut-ins with no friends. Or so I thought until I did some online research to find out how the game was played.

Here are the rules if you want to play. Go on. I dare you. Prepare:

*A stuffed animal that has both arms and legs
*Fingernail clippers
*A knife, shard of glass, or some sharp instrument
*A needle with a long piece of red thread
*A cup of salt water or Japanese sake
*And you’ll also need to draw a bath

First, you must give your stuffed animal a name. Let’s say you have a teddy bear and you decide to call him Cuddles. Next, you cut Cuddles open and remove all his stuffing, replacing it with rice and a few of your fingernail clippings. After the stuffing/rice transfusion, you need to sew him back up. Use the needle and red thread making sure you have thread left over so that you can wrap it tightly around Cuddles’ body. You know, making him look even more sinister that he already looks.

At three am you take Cuddles into the bathroom and draw a bath. You hold Cuddles in both hands and say out loud, “For the first game I’m (say your name) going to be it.” Say this three times and then drop Cuddles into the water.

Here you’ll want to run around the house turning off all the lights. You’re allowed to leave the TV on, but only if it’s on a static-filled station. Close your eyes and count to ten. When you’re finished, open your eyes and grab the knife (or whatever instrument you have chosen) and return to the bathroom. Say, “I found Cuddles!” and proceed to stab him with the knife.

Congratulations! You won that game.

Note: In Japanese the word for “it” — in hide and seek and tag — is “oni” or “devil”. Knowing that fact makes the next part a little creepier.

Next, you say, “Okay, now Cuddles is it (the devil).” And leaving the impaled teddy bear in the bathroom (either in the water or on the floor) you quickly (yes, the instructions say “quickly”) hurry out of the room and hide quietly (yes, the instructions also say to hide “quietly”). It is very important that whatever you do, make sure you have your glass of salt water or sake with you in your hiding place.

Closets make excellent hiding places. So let’s say you’re in the closet. You remain there waiting and listening. All sorts of strange things are said to happen. Apart from sounds (footsteps and things being moved around) people have reported horrible smells, changes in temperature, and having the TV suddenly switch off or the volume change dramatically. Some reported the sensation of being touched or pulled on, others said that their household pets freaked out (cowered or cried out). Whatever happens, stay hidden for as long as you can or until sunrise.

The ending ritual is extremely important. You can’t just hop out of the closet at sunrise and announce that you’ve won. Let’s say it’s still dark, something has freaked you out and you want to end the game. Take as much salt water (or sake) in your mouth as you can, holding it there while you return to the bathroom. Don’t assume Cuddles will be where you left him. There have been people who find either him or the knife moved or missing entirely. Keep searching until you find Cuddles.

Once you find the bear, spit the salt water (sake) all over him and tell him three times, “I won!” That almost ends the game. As a final precaution it is imperative you burn the stuffed animal you used. Even though the game is over people have posted that they’ve become ill, gotten into some kind of accident, or continued to  feel the presence of someone or something.

Oh, and another note of warning is not to play while someone else is in the house. There is the possibility that they will be “found” instead of you. And something terrible will happen to them. You must be alone in the house when you play.

Hitori Kakurenbo became such a phenomena that a movie was made about it in 2009 called (you guessed it) Hitori Kakurenbo. I did see the flick but wasn’t much impressed. What is infinitely more frightening is checking out the streaming conversations of dozens of invincible teens all around Japan playing the game at three in the morning. They use their cell phones to chat about what they are experiencing real time. Some even dare to peek out from their hiding places to snap photos or record strange noises. Now that’s scary.


  1. That was a very interesting article. Though I read this before, I never really dared to try that game. Anyway, I heard that the game must be played at exactly 3am or the game won’t work. It’s dangerous game. If any of you are playing this game I’ll give you a warning, you MUST and I mean MUST no matter how tired or sleepy you are you MUST pay attention to your surroundings when playing the game.

    • Ah, you’re thinking of the general time when spirits are stronges, which is actually 1 AM to about 4 AM. I believe that the strongest hour is 3 AM, but it doesn’t have to be performed at exactly 3 AM. It can be performed at any time during the night, really. Just don’t play for too long.

    • I honestly think I’m going to do it. I’ve seen spoofs all over YouTube. And at this point I’m not sure if it’s real or fake. Every video I’ve seen someone did something wrong or didn’t do what they were supposed to do. I’m going to be recording with an iPhone 5 no edits no nothing. If you guys really want to see what happens me and my friend are both going to do it. At the same time. (Yes there’s a way to do it with 2 people) but it’s more dangerous because 1. Noise could be made. 2. Hiding spots reduced(stick together) and 3. Possible point of being possessed..

      • Don’t forget that you don’t have to, and shouldn’t, use a knife to stab the stuffed animal. Instead use a toothpick or something else sharp but relatively harmless, because it is said that if the stuffed animal gets you before you spit on it it will stab you with what you stabbed it with.

      • Wheres the vid bro

    • I would like to try it, but I’m never alone at home, someone’s always there, and I would think I’m paranoid enough, if I look out my window I could swear there’s someone there already, who needs another person to stare at them in their sleep? I wouldn’t even be able to make it only two hours at top, would be more like all night for me, I find a thrill in being watched and being hunted, but I also find something about it disturbing, I scare myself enough, who needs another physco in the house?

  2. Never, ever think of using a human-sized doll no matter what!
    japanese s3x dolls or not, DO NOT USE THEM, they might be easy to see/find/spot(when peeking from your hiding, IF you dared), they may move in a very, abnormal-unhuman-ish way,
    i wont bother explaining but still, stay calm and silent while hiding!

    • You can use them. If you dare take the risk. That means more salt water is needed to be used. And the spirit has a lot higher of a chance to become attached. And never ever use your own name, or some one that you do not likes name. There is a very high chance of the spirit becoming attached to you or them

      • Bro, just post your video. We’re still waiting. I don’t give a damn care whether you’re flaunting about your courage using your beloved s3x doll or teddy bear. Just post it.

  3. I found this page during some research after watching that Japanese movie. If I were a few years younger I might have entertained the thought of playing for kicks, but it feels a little childish to me now.

  4. The red thread represents blood vestals, you know?
    This game is so creepy…and I don’t dare to play it, I’m too much of a p*ssy. :/

  5. holy sh** i was planning to do this after watching a youtube video make fun of it but now that i’ve read this article i’m chickening out…i was going to use a patrick doll from spongebob and its almost life size…holy shiznuggets

    • Well you’ll have to stuff it with rice so life-size doll is not an option. How much will it cost if you fill your big doll with rice to just burn it in the end, Your parents gonna kills you instead.

    • so does the stuffed animal try to kill you? right now i freaked out, im never trusting my devil teddy bear ever AGAIN! SO SINISTER IM NEVER DOING IT YOU CANNOT MAKE ME! i will make emma do it!


    The only reason I found out about this was the Japanese song called Lonely Hide and Seek. It’ epic but I didn’t know what it was talking about..now I know. I wanna play so bad!!!

    • Me too.I was hearing JubyPhonic’s version of that song when i got curious and decided to search.Now i’m defenitly never going to play that game.

  7. Back when my parents where still together, we still live in Japan, someone in my class dared us to play hide and seek alone, he wanted to play it, but he was too scared to do it alone, of course he covered it with something of wanting to have someone to chat with and know what was happening in real time.

    Stupid me and 12 more of us accepted the challenge. My mum was with my grandmother, sobbing her heart out, dad was at ‘work’, perfect timing you could say.

    That night, I used my least liked doll, an ugly little monkey doll that my dad’s mistress gave me to win me over, cut him up, stuffed uncooked rice inside of him and sew him up. Tied him good, made sure to stab him good after.

    I followed everything, send text messages to my friends and cousin, who was doing the same at her house. I even snorted at some of the things they had to say, I thought it was stupid.

    5 am, i felt like giving up, but then they said that I should wait a bit longer, so I did, until it was about 7. Imagine my surprise when I found the ugly monkey next to my bedroom door.

    Freaking out, I hurriedly took a mouthful of saltwater and spit it out on the thing, doused more on the blasted thing with more and burned it. As I did, I felt cold, what I meant was that, it place, our backyard was cold, very, very cold.

    I waited until there was nothing left of it, and then I prepared for school.

    At school, they all seemed liked they haven’t had any wink of sleep, not that I blame them. I didn’t had much myself.

    For the past 2 weeks, the feeling of being watched and being followed never left me.

    And there was this moment of my life, that I knew, just knew I once saw the doll in one of my way home, in one of the corners of the street going to my house. It only happened once, but it was enough for me to know that I will never, ever do anything as stupid as that again.

    • You started at 3 AM and ended at 7AM which was 4 hours and was over the time limit which was 2 hours which also made the spirit harder to remove which is why even though its gone, you still get that feeling of being watched and why you thought you saw the doll again at that point.

    • If the spirit is still following you, you could try a few Japanese purification rituals. I’m sure if you look hard enough you might be able to find something good! Alternatively you could try putting salt around the entrances to your house or rubbing it in your clothes, because I’ve heard that spirits are supposed to be afraid of salt.

  8. I just heard this thing but im more familiar with the ouija board and stuff..
    Well for me this play is kinda meaningless and attracts too much danger for oneself..
    For instance why would you want to conjure a demon or ghost just for fun or out of curiosity.
    I for one, have been haunted for about 5yrs long from playing ouija board and it’s not nice being haunted.
    The ritual process mostly almost the same..like the ending you need to send them back..
    well i did sent them home but still i got haunted..it’s not a guarantee you wont got backfired.

    • hey, during you haunting what happened? was it doors opening and water taps running and constant banging?

  9. Woah. Look. There’s a fatal error in the instructions. “Whatever happens, stay hidden for as long as you can or until sunrise.” You only play it for 2 HOURS, any longer and the spirit will be harder to remove!

  10. Urk. I meant the maximum is 2 hours. It’s recommended that you keep the game under an hour. And another thing. If there is a T.V. acting strange in the same room as your hiding spot. DO NOT LEAVE YOUR HIDING SPOT. You might witness something… dangerous. No one should try this game though, even if dared to.

  11. Life is stressful enough, y even bother to conjure xtra 1 more spirit in ur life to add to the burden of your stress? i’d say just make yourself a cup of iced lemonade instead of salt water, kick back and relax infront of your favorite tv drama and enjoy…

  12. nope, i will never try this game. EVER.

  13. do not try this… seriously.. unless you’re like goku from dragonball or something.. dont.. if something is dead.. leave it dead..

  14. XSillypastamonsterX

    Do NOT try this with a Furby!!

  15. Sweet Jesus! Who would be stupid enough to play this?

  16. 夢ファイト

    I remember doing this, I still cannot find my doll.

  17. Im going to try it to see if it actually real or make believe. I myself dont believe in ghost or spirit. Wish me luck.

  18. I found out about thins when I first saw the movie. I thought that it was pretty interesting and I did some research on how to play,instructions and so on.. I was very excited about it and I even thought of playing it.
    But holy sh*t!! After I read everything and saw some stories of people who played it I got so freaked out that I just can’t try it.I’m usually kinda skeptical about such things but that seems super dangerous and I’m pretty sure that something will happen to me if I try to play. DON’T DO IT! No matter how curious you are.

  19. I’m going to try it because my friend dared me to. I don’t have any beliefs in spirits, but wish me luck

  20. I wonder if Lashelle and Bella are still alive and if they played the game… :D
    Seriously, conjuring up spirits? Just scaring yourselves sh**less…
    Plus the movie about the game is bad. Not scary at all. Nice try, though.

    • I chickened out and told my friend it was fake, I just didn’t want to do it. My dad was born in the Philippines and he said he would have played it, but his grandma wouldn’t let him. So he told me not to do it…

  21. i can never do it, i love stuffed toys, so its bad if i play this game.

  22. I just found out about this urban legend game today, stumbled upon this post (and other posts from other sites) from google. I believe in supernatural phenomenas, but I still try to keep an open mind (half-skeptic) about it.

    Well, there are some points:

    1. In one of the websites I read, there is this line: “No matter what happens, do not spit or swallow the water in your mouth during the game. It cloaks your presence from the ghost” (I don’t know if I’m allowed to post a link here). Well, if the salt water kept in your mouth cloaks your presence, then why bother going to hide at all? Just put the salt water in your mouth, pull out a chair beside the doll, and wait there. It can’t see you, right? Like the scenes from LOTR movies, where Frodo put on the ring, and he vanished in front of the others. That way, you can actually see the doll (supposedly) actually climb out of the water basin, and moving around to find you.

    2. Why would you need to stab it? I mean, cant you just poke it with your hand, or pinch its body or something? In return, when it does find you, it would just poke or pinch you to tag you. Well, maybe to invoke ‘strong dark emotions’ like anger. Will it not work with ‘strong good emotions’ like care and love?

    3. If I absolutely need to stab it (or it won’t work), then I seriously would consider using wooden toothpicks. It’s sharp enough to go through most plush dolls, but brittle enough to do any real damage to human being (unless stabbed in really weak and vital area, like the eyes or something)

    4. I would consider tying (or sewing) one of its legs, with a thread or something, to something stationary in the bathroom, like the sink or the pipes. That way, say the doll really move around, I don’t have to look all over the house to find it, when I want to end it. It’d be still in the bathroom, with one leg sewed there, like a leash.

    5. I would consider setting a night vision camcorder in the bathroom, pointing at the plush doll, hoping I’d get an actual footage of the doll moving on its own.

    Well, perhaps by including the above points, this urban legend wouldn’t have the same ‘mysterious aura’ surrounding it, who knows….

    • Transmutation

      It doesn’t make you invisible. By presence it means like your aura or your life or whatever. The demon would supposedly be able to sense you without the salt water (I think). I’m not entirely sure about the poking… I mean I think it was said somewhere that it wants your body and probably can’t get into it by poking you so the game would be a waste of time for the demon haha. You can use like pencils and stuff though. Also, I’m not sure if the demon is completely confined to the doll. I mean people say they hear footsteps so… The doll might just be the door way to the living or something. Let me know if you try any of these interesting ideas of yours though! I’m kinda scared xD

    • You SHOULD NOT just sit and watch the doll when it is your turn to hide. I’ve read that you might see something VERY disturbing.

      • Salt water doesn’t hide your presence what-so-ever, hence why they said ‘STAY AS SILENT AS POSSIBLE WHILE HIDING’. One small sound, like phone typing can be heard and there’s a high chance of being found out.

    • BazFromHawaii

      Here, I’ll help enlighten you. This is a perversion of a Shinto kami binding ritual. Traditionally you bind FRIENDLY kami and spirits to objects with strong emotions like love or devotion or more commonly respect and gratitude. This entire ritual is akin to finding the first spirit you can wrangle, abusing it repeatedly, and then setting it loose and running like hell. It’s closer to the Running of the Bulls than a children’s game.

      Some answers:
      1. Sake or salt water masks your presence. Salt water is traditionally considered the safest alternative. Sake has a ton of tricks that priests use in rituals that is alot harder to do with salt water. It’s a mask, you aren’t invisible, just off the radar so to speak. You know that creepy feeling you get when you know someone is staring at you behind your back. Same concept. Exorcists from all cultures would use alcohol to get in close for their version of an exorcism or slaying (if applicable).

      2. The entire point is to cause a heck of alot of pain to anger the spirit. It’s highly disrespectful and according to some monks a pretty painful event. Is it possible to bind a spirit with love? Of course! I come from a very old family that was promoted to samurai during Sengoku Jidai and have various objects our founding ancestors used (or are partially made out of, mostly dolls and such). While I’m too far removed from the main line to have spent more than passing time, my mom tells me about how peaceful the shrine and graves were and how she stayed there all the time. Our graveyard is a serene and safe place. But this ritual is not one of those times and is daring the bull to charge!

      3. Yeah, that’s highly recommended. Only the foolhardy stab the doll with someone large like a knife or such.

      4. The thread isn’t to bind it, it’s to represent arteries and blood vessels. When you cut it open and eviscerate it, you are cutting open it’s blood vessels and eviscerating it. If it’s a ghost that died violently from trauma, that’s probably about the most insulting thing you could do isn’t it?

      5. The doll is a phylactery–much like a Jewish shel yad. It’s not actually stalking you and if it moved, something moved it. The odds of something moving it are nil unless you take the traditional kid gloves off and use blood and urine instead of fingernails and let it sit for several hours. Obviously, texts ranging from Hebrew to the Malleus Malificarum and both Taoist and Shinto folk wisdom advise that using blood with anything is an extraordinarily stupid idea.

      I made it priority to travel try to to see strange and unusual things across the world during the offtime on my college years, and more often than not it only resulted in me learning one new trick, but the one thing that has been in common is whenever the old ways are involved, even if 99% of the time there is a mundane explanation (and oftentimes they are more amazing) there’s always the 1% of the time that will leave you quieter because it’s taking every fiber of your being to pretend you aren’t terrified.

  23. Scaredsh*tless

    What happens if you don’t find the doll?

    • Alice Liddell

      Then the game won’t end. The spirit/demon will haunt you and if other people do the same then it will be your curse. You have to find it, use salt to purify the area you found it in and in every windowsill, bottom of the doors, nooks and cranies. When you find the doll, follow the rest of the instructions because if you don’t…… You will get stabbed by the doll when you fall asleep after he game or the demon will get stronger and you won’t be able to get rid of it.

  24. I’m tempted to try this tonight. Not like my life isn’t weird enough already, ^\\^. It’s just hard deciding, because if it does find me, I have way too many knives and swords in my house for me to be safe at all. That, and my house is filled with stuffed animals, so I might have an issue finding it…

  25. what'sthepoint?

    there is no point in this game! you just putting yourself at unnecessary risk! courage test with no profit. here in post-ussr countries we summon Black Widiow (not the sexy superhero, but something much scarier and ancient) – The Queen od Spades. There are a lot of variations of the ritual, but the end is always the same – if you done EVERYTING correctly, every minor detail The Queen will grant you your wish. But id you don’t something terrible will happen. Sickness, death any kind of disaster. With a frosting on the cake – lifelong haunting.
    But at the very least you can get something out of this! This hide and seek game is too dangerous for nothing! It’s not wise to invoke spirits and demons just for sh*t and giggles.

    and another thing. How can pet oweners fo this with a defensless pets present!?!?! What the f*ck??

  26. I’ve just learned about this game today, from one of mrcreepypastas stories.. I’ve read every comment on this site about this topic. I am terrified of the dark, and I already hallucinate (not with any substances) and see shadow people. Ii sleep with a night light bright enough to see everything in my room, (I wear sleeping mask) but yet I am still so intrigued. The only thing I’m against in this is shutting off all lights and being in a pitch black dark closet. In my artistic mind something’s already in there with me, I’d probably have a serious heart attack. I know it says hide and seek alone but what if you have a friend in the closet with you, but s/he has salt water in their mouth?

    • I had heard of em…..that two sisters do that and one accidentally swallowed the salt water and she got poke by the doll O.o while the other girl won and spit the salt water on the doll…..then the one that got poke lied to her parents and the doctors that it was just an accident she fall from walking around the house to drink water at night……T^T…..and they didnt say any thing about burning the doll…… O.O

  27. Animal Crossing Fangirl

    Can u still save yourself if the doll finds u?

  28. I feel rather uneasy. I got a red amigurumi the stuffed with cotton. Gotta sew it with red thread. Now I feel really uneasy.

  29. Be sure to check out our award winning short based on true events from Hitori Kakurenbo.


  30. what if you dont burn the doll

    • Also what happens if it finds you. I know it stabs you but can you be possessed by it

      • you don't need to know

        If it finds you, it’ll stab you back with whatever you used to stab it with. And if you don’t follow all instructions, it could haunt you and follow you wherever you go.. it might even stab you while you’re asleep if not properly handled.

  31. So Here’s the thing. I want to try this and not gonna lie I do quiver a bit because I’m so paranoid by sounds at night but aside from that I’d like to try this. My problem is pitch darkness around my house. I’m able to adjust my eyes at an angel to allow myself to see my surroundings with limited perception since I’m half blind in one eye. If you decide to end the game early, aside from keeping salt water or sake in your mouth while finding the stuffed animal, can you use some sort of light to find it? Like maybe your cell phone back-light? Also what objects would be considered in replacement to a knife? Let me know

  32. That’s very interesting! I’ve been reading for so long about this thing. I’ve always wanted to try that, but probably I’m not brave enough… actually because I know that spirits and entities are true, and I could already feel them multiple times. I would be curious though about one thing: Some of you guys know if for example let’s say that one would not close the ritual. In that case the entity doesn’t go away… what about trying some banishing ritual, like the Banishing of the Pentagram? Or something similar.

    I will not attempt to that of course, just curious to hear some opinion xDD

  33. I read a lot about this game. I would deffinitly play it if it wasn’t for the fact that i might be sensitive to the unseen.(I’ll put why my story in a reply for those who want to know why i believe so and how it started.)

    If it wasn’t for that, plus the fact i have hallucination(Thankfully i can know the difference between real and an halluciantion), i would freak out a BUNCH playing that game… But i still love to read about it and the stories~

    • When i was younger, me and my brother had a babysitter that was nice at first… But one night, she played some ouija on some website on the internet and forced me and my brother to play. Since then, i personaly had lived quite some freaky event, when i was younger. I had a weird dream that when i woke up i was trapped in my blanket almost at lost for air, thankfully my brother was there. I know i don’t move a lot in my sleep, so the fact i was trapped in a ball made out of my blanket was weird. And it was basically how it started all. Later on, around a month later, i had seen a girl hanged up on a corner of the bathroom and it took years before i was able to feel safe again in a bathroom alone. One night, me and my brother where painting tiny car and enjoying it, and we both had seen a skuleton’s hand on my shoulder and both looked around to scream, there was a skeleton. Our mother ran in as it dissapeared. Once, my brother was too scared to sleep alone, so i slept in the same room as him, i woke up really earlie to see a blue orb go from my room to my brother’s closet. I was so innocent when i was a kid that i followed it thinking it was a fairy, i was unable to find it. When i was going to my father’s house, i once woke up to see a little boy with dark hole as eyes staring really close to my face, it only lasted a sec. Since my father was up i jumped out of bed and decided to have a small talk with him… He didn’t question why i was up, thankfully. My mother eventually moved out, the only thing that happened in the new house was that i heard some whispering in my ears one night and freaked out. Then i was placed in a place for my bad attitude(I used to chase my brother around with a knife out of rage. I’m still scared of the fact i used to do this and cut myself), nothing wrong there really happened, i had heard a whispers of my name twice while i was alone, others kid claimed to hear knocking from my room. Again, i know i don’t move munch in my sleep. But it doesn’t mean i don’t either. I moved to a different living area for kid with attitude again, but that’s where thing got scary, a girl hanged up in a corner of the bathroom ? It wasn’t has scary as the first thing i had experianced in that new living area. One morning, i woke up with my eye feeling weird, i was confused and walked to my mirror to see what’s wrong, i only noticed that my right eye looked completly to the right, i was even able to see my door clearly ! While my left eye stared in disbelief in the mirroir, my hand slowly moved toward my right eye and i said ” My eyes… ” only to hear a distorded voice, in pure shock i said then ” My voice ? ” only to get pushed back in my bed and i was unable to move. I was obviously trying my hardest to move, heck, i turned my head so harshly to the side before i gain back control on my body, i immediatly run out of my small room to ask the security guard if i could go eat earlier. I was probably white and shaking since she allowed me, obviously i was forced back in that room, but since then, i never felt at ease and had a lot of difficulty to sleep in that room. On the same place, i was called to the salon to watch a movie, as i was jogging my way there, a flash happened and everything was gray, the person in front of me where gone and a girl completly blue made her way to the washing area all smiling, the flash again and i was back to reality… When i was back with my mother, she again moved to my the current house i live in. And others things happened in here… When i used to use a certain room, i’d feel watched, i would always look back, normally, i can feel it when one of my cat would touch the same floor i’m in, even if they made no noises. I would often feel like someone touched the ground but there was no one, no cat… So i eventually started to fear that room and felt safe in the one next to it, in night, i once felt like there was something next to me, breathing… It took everything in my to ignore it and sleep… After that i still felt safe in that place even after this. Once night, i had a very weird dream, in that dream something had happened and i ended up being chased by a guy with a knife, i menaged to wake up, i sat up on my bed and i felt pushed back in to sleep only to be in that dream again, this time i had the knife and where i had woken up previously i decided to stab myself. When i woke up for real/good i still felt the imaginary knife and i felt paralized, plus my heart was slowly beating… It was weird and enough to freak me out of my room. I started to sleep on the sofa, everything was nice, until one night. I was playing on my 3DS, and i noticed a weird creepy hand coming out of my blanket right next to me, i didn’t panicked, i turned my head to see it was gone. I didn’t though munch of it since i was aware that i have hallucination by now(I had run into a tree because i was in some tunel while playing tag. If that wasn’t a hard hallucination i wonder what it was !). As time goes by, i heard another whisper of my name, i had seen a shadow figure walking up the stair at night, when i’m on my computer for a certain time i was seeing shady figure moving, hand waving on front of me while i was staring at my computer… I once had seen a gray cat(I used to have one, but she died.) go beind my tv only to never come back, only after i stood up to go check and notice their’s no cat. Since i have another cat still alive that was gray, i though it was her but she never come in my room. The only cats that does so is mine, and two others. Up to this day i still don’t think munch of all this, but it doesn’t mean it was all fake, so i will keep away from those thing. I mean, after all this, who would seriously want to try something so dangerous ?

      • Anothervthing you both might have is called schysofrenia (not surenif that’s how you spell it) I have it and a lot of those things you saw lots of people have had similar experiences because of the mental disorder. It can be inherited so both you and your brother may have it.

  34. Izaya Kazuhiro

    I’ve tried it twice with my cousin… It last only for a couple of minutes before the TV suddenly turned channel and before I cancel it…. Before i burned the doll it kept moving from one place to another so in the end we burned it… then after that my cousin wants to tried it again… but i said “NO WAYYY!!!”

  35. i will never try this sh*t! because i can already see demons and ghost and all kinds of sh*t so f**k this no way!!

  36. it is said that you should Not swallow the saltwater,Why?

  37. but what if I got really freaked out experiencing those strange thngs at the moment and got out of my hiding place and spit the salt water on the stuffed thing if he is right in front of me? is it me winning or the devil?

  38. Please don’t do this. I did it last night… I ended the game at 4:20 am. Exactly as told… I followed every rule.
    I am as sick as a dog and my body hurts, I hear wind inside my ears and my hair keeps getting pulled. I woke up with scratch marks around my navel… I will post pictures. I even tried the whole binding it with love bit to ensure the game is played safely. GOOD SPIRITS DON”T HARM! The thing you conjure…isn’t good no matter how much love your trying to douse it with.

    If you think giving it a fake name will work…guess again. I heard it call my name. I walked to the bathroom and saw my Pink Panther Bear and toothpick exactly where I left it… With one weird extra, Cat hair knotted by it’s whiskers…

    I smell blood and I feel like there are maggots in my throat, every time someone calls me, I start vomiting, hearing that disembodied voice instead of the person who’s doing the calling.
    I cant use the bathroom because every time I sit down I get poked till I bleed, and a toothpick would be left drifting in the bowl.

    Have some self respect,love for preservation and keep your curiosity at bay.

    Good luck to anyone who tries to do this after reading this.

    Love Liza…

    • Hi Liza,

      I heard you died last week? Please respond if it’s fake.

      (P.S. I saw it tumblr. Your pics look scary)

  39. I’ve read quite a bit about this and have been thinking about trying it. But there is already a friendly ghost in my house, would this piss off that ghost or bring in a new one?

  40. ThePastelJelly

    Damn… I really want to do this !!! I already have the doll ready.
    Also, can I use black thread as I have no red one.

  41. Just found out about this a few weeks ago. I remember I did the Bloody Mary with a neighbor we both heard something.

    Honestly I would need a someone who’s not a wimp to try it with. I’m so curious.


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