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Obsession with Martina Chen: From Instagram Star to Vengeful Spirit

In an exclusive interview, Chaz Fenwick delves into the enigmatic world of Martina Chen, an Instagram sensation with over 235K followers. Hailing from vibrant Shanghai, China, now based in Australia. Martina takes us behind the scenes of, “Malice: Nui Gui,” and reveals her thoughts on the film’s themes, her character, and the powerful message it conveys.

Chaz Fenwick: “Martina, thanks for joining me today. Can you share your thoughts on how you got involved in the film ‘Malice’ and what interested you in the character of Malice?”

Martina Chen: “It’s a pleasure, Chaz. Well, it took you two pitches to catch my interest. You need to work on your pitch. (Cheeky giggles). “Malice,” I was intrigued by the character and the film’s themes of obsession and empowerment. I was flattered to be considered as the top candidate.”

Chaz Fenwick: “Can you tell us more about your character, Malice, and how she fits into the film’s narrative?”on Tbi

Martina Chen: “Malice is a dark and powerful Nü Gui (女鬼 nǚ guǐ — female spirit). She possesses an irresistible physical attractiveness, which becomes a tool to manipulate men and explore the concept of obsession. “

Chaz Fenwick: “The film’s premise draws inspiration from Chinese folklore. How did this influence your portrayal of Malice?

Martina Chen: “The nu gui legend carries a powerful message about the consequences of violence and mistreatment towards women. I aimed to embody the nu gui’s spirit of vengeance and channel the pain and anger that arise from the injustices she suffered. Understanding the nu gui’s tragic transformation allowed me to delve deeper into Malice’s psyche, infusing her character with a haunting sense of purpose and a relentless pursuit of revenge. “

Chaz Fenwick: “As a popular Instagram model and influencer, how did you prepare for this acting role?”

Martina Chen: “Chaz, transitioning from social media to the world of acting was easy under your guidance. I worked closely with you, your vision, and your ability to create a comfortable environment on set made my first acting experience a truly memorable one. Your professionalism and support throughout the process were invaluable, and I’m grateful to have worked with you on “Malice.” Thank you for believing in me and for making this journey so rewarding.”

Chaz Fenwick: “I swear I didn’t pay her to say that! Marty, can your fans expect to see you in any future Malice: Nu Gui films?”

Martina Chen: “You’ll have to wait and see, there is a whole universe of nu gui stories out there. In the meantime, join the obsession and come see my naughty side on Instagram and other socials.”

Chaz Fenwick: “Thanks, Marty, for giving us a tease into your role as Malice. It was an absolute pleasure to work alongside you.”

Martina Chen: “Thank you, Chaz, I’m thrilled to have been a part of this project and look forward to sharing the film with audiences around the world.”

Malice: Nu Gui is now streaming for free on Tubi:

Martina Chen social links: Instagram (@realmartinachen)

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