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Dark Tide book 1, written by Chad Lutzke, John Boden, and Robert Ford

We’ve been looking forward to launching our Dark Tide series for almost two years, and we’re finally here. I’m super excited to offer you ePub and Mobi ARCs (attached) of Wounds to Wishes: Tales of Mystery and Melancholy, which includes novellas written by Chad Lutzke, John Boden, and Robert Ford. The publication date is set for 26 August. It’ll be available on paperback, Kindle, and hardcover (audio rights being negotiated

About the Dark Tide series… We will release one to two books per month. Each book will contain three novellas by three different authors, and each book will have a theme, ranging from Halloween and Body Horror to Sherlock Holmes, Murder Mystery, and Weird Westerns (and a lot more). Some novellas will even create an overall storyline or be set in the same universe.

Authors included in this series (more to come): Chad Lutzke, Robert Ford, John Boden, R.B. Wood, Michael Burke, James A. Moore, Jess Landry, Sofia Ajram, Nadia Bulkin, Kevin Lucia, Jason Parent, Jeremy Bates, Lucy A. Snyder, Lisa Morton, Kate Maruyama, Michael Bailey, Erinn L. Kemper, James Aquilone, Michael Knost, David Boop, Naching T. Kassa, John Linwood Grant, Angela Yuriko Smith, Nick Kolakowski, Tom Deady, Glenn Rolfe, J.S. Breukelaar, Aaron Dries, Kaaron Warren, Mark Allan Gunnells, Brandon Ford, Shane Nelson, William Meikle, Curtis Lawson, Jasper Bark, Matt Shaw, Keith Lansdale, and Daniel J. Volpe.

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