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Special Needs Revolt! Currently In-Development from Adrian Esposito

In a future dystopia, a man with
Down syndrome joins a rebellion
against America’s cruel dictator. An
action-adventure-comedy starring
people with disabilities.

CLOWNS IN THE WOODS filmmaker, Adrian Esposito-Nomeika announces his next project, SPECIAL NEEDS REVOLT! which is being called The Toxic Avenger meets The Running Man.

Special Needs Revolt! takes place in the fictional town of Donville, NY. After Billy Bates wakes from a coma, he discovers that the USA is now a brutal dictatorship and all people with disabilities have been put into institutions. Evil President Kruger has divided the country into people who support him…and those who don’t. People who oppose Kruger face imprisonment or death.

The film addresses issues that are very much on the minds of many developmentally disabled adults — the desire to be portrayed as functional adults, with the full range of adult emotions and desires. It is also a very incisive, funny political comedy, full of exciting and visceral action.

Special Needs Revolt! is currently in-development with Adrian Esposito-Nomeika as director. Adrian is also co-writer along with Bill Weeden & Curt Markham. Kristina Nomeika is Executive Producer.

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