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5 Horror Games Based or Inspired by Movies That You Ought to Play

Horror games are a dime a dozen, but there are some that can shake you to your very core. Instead of relying on cheap horror tricks, they frighten the player by using the atmosphere and sound design to send shivers down our spine. Some of the very best horror games use the player’s overactive imagination to terrify them. In this list, we have compiled some of the very best horror games that are either based on movies or directly inspired by them.

#5 Friday the 13th: The Game (2017) creates a terrifying atmosphere.

Anyone growing up in the early ’90s has definitely heard of Jason Voorhees, the terrifying recurring antagonist from Friday the 13th movie series. Based on the movies, Friday the 13th: The Game is a third-person multiplayer game that adds its own twist to the mix – players can control either the counselors trying to escape their predicament or Jason Voorhees, who’s out for blood! As the counselors, a band of seven people, players have to survive the night with a deranged killer on the prowl.

No strategy is reliable which forces the players to band together to face their foe. As Jason, players are given a multitude of abilities to stalk and slaughter their unsuspecting prey. Using various tropes from the movies, instead of human vs. A.I., this is a human vs. human just like blackjack casino game or any other card game, which means a single mistake can lead to an untimely Game Over!

#4 Alien Isolation (2014) has a monstrosity chasing the player.

Widely regarded as the game with one of the best adaptive A.I., Alien Isolation holds up in 2021 despite being developed more than half a decade ago. Acting as a sequel of sorts to the highly successful movie Alien (1979), Isolation features Ellen Ripley’s daughter Amanda as she struggles against the titular Alien, an antagonist that relentlessly hunts her down.

Instead of relying on jump scares, Alien Isolation uses cleverly crafted dark hallways and corridors to create an atmosphere that gives the player a deep sense of foreboding. It is a survival horror game where the aforementioned Alien keeps hounding the player throughout the game and learns and adapts to the player’s actions. For instance, if you use lockers as a hiding spot, it will make sure that you can’t do so again. Use a flamethrower to chase it away a couple of times, and it’ll become resistant to the flames!

#3 Silent Hill 2 (2001) delves into a man’s (tormented) psyche.

Created by the talented minds at Konami, Silent Hill is one of the precursor horror game franchises that revolutionized the atmospheric horror sub-genre. Silent Hill 2 is regarded by fans and critics as one of the best in the franchise because of its intricate attention to building suspense.

The game follows James Sunderland, who arrives in a town called ‘Silent Hill’ after receiving a letter from his late wife, and the mystery behind the uncanny town deepens the more he ventures into it. Silent Hill 2’s use of a dark plot that *spoiler* depicts the enemies and bosses as manifestations of the protagonist’s inner turmoil adds a subtle twist to the psychological horror genre and flips the plot on its head.

#2 Resident Evil 7: Biohazard (2017) – old dog, new tricks.

Another well-known video game series that has several movies under its belt, it’s no surprise that the franchise is still going strong despite being more than two decades old at this point. Now, we could have included any of the recent games, including the amazingly well crafted Resident Evil 2 Remake or this year’s Resident Evil: Village, but what makes Biohazard our most recommended one is that this is the game that revolutionized the franchise and brought it back to its roots.

The game follows Ethan Winters, who decides to investigate a creepy mansion upon suddenly receiving a message from his presumed dead wife. Biohazard brings the series back to what made it good – a sinister mansion with bizarre residents (pun not intended), the classic puzzles, and low ammunition count, which encourages the player to improvise with whatever they’ve got while bringing something new to the table – a transition to first-person perspective and the gorgeous graphical fidelity of the RE Engine.

#1 Dead Space (2008), the uncrowned horror king.

The quintessential atmospheric horror game that every gamer ought to play is none other than Dead Space. Inspired by the film Event Horizon, Dead Space features the silent protagonist Isaac Clark’s venture into the derelict ship Ishimura as he attempts to repair it while constantly facing necromorphs, reanimated corpses of the ship’s former denizens.

The game is full of environmental details and has some of the most satisfying combat mechanics. The deferred lighting, the ambient music, the subtle noise of a creature crawling in a nearby vent, the lack of HUD elements, and, of course, the enemy design make Dead Space one of the scariest games ever made.

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