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Film Review: Crock Pot (Short Film) (2020)

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“Short film about a pre-Thanksgiving fight between a young couple debating on whether to visit in-laws that turns gruesome.”


Written and directed by Ty Jones, with Justin Nosler (writing credit). Crock Pot is a gem. Maybe it was quarantine or the fact that everybody uses crock pots? I wanted to see this short film. Tina (Jessi Burkette) and Gary (Mike Anderson) are married and fighting over cooking. The short film line-up at Panic Fest 2021 is great. If you get a chance to check it out, definitely do so.

Tina and Gary are fighting about Tina’s cooking and the crock pot that his mother got her as a gift. All this chaos ensues and nobody sees the creepiness peaking out from behind the door? Tina has to stay up and cook for her mother-in-law and she isn’t thrilled about it. Tina decides to make some popcorn, chill out and watch a movie.

Gary wants to take as shower and go to bed. OH MY GOSH! Well, Mom (Dawn Linneman) is part of this and oh, when they say people can be monsters. It’s more than a metaphor in Crock Pot. Ty Jones does an excellent job with this. It’s refreshing with a new take on a monster and a fun story. It’s creative and it would great to see more of this film.

This gives new meaning to family dinners. Make sure to check out Crock Pot and Panic Fest 2021.

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