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Must-Watch Horror Movies For Those Who Hate Horror Movies

It is fair to say that a considerable number of people do not get along with horror movies. The vast majority of film fans prefer to spend quality time laughing, watching comedies or crying during the drama session, with only a few of them enjoying terrific scenes and fearful actions. If you are not passionate about horror films, but still strive to dip a toe in the water, there is a great range of options to choose from. While the vast majority of horror films will make you shake to the core, there is a considerable number of interesting and involving ones.

Courageous and fearless students, who plan to organize a horror-movie night, should not forget about essay writing service reviews and quality services such platforms provide, as you may never be confident about possible outcomes. Take care of your homework beforehand and check out the list of the most exciting and impressive must-watch horror movies.

Get Out

Filled with tense and scary moments, Get Out is the movie that works well for non-horror fans. It has become an immediate hit right after it appeared in 2017. A perfect cast, quality performance, and authentic tricks make the movie involving and its scenes anticipated.

Irrespective of numerous fearful moments, the peaceful and calm atmosphere prevails. The story about racism and inequity in the middle class makes the movie horror and contributes to the desire to watch it.

It 2

Similar to other films on this list, It 2 is more a comedy than a horror. The movie lasts for more than three hours, which can make it challenging for inexperienced viewers. Despite the lack of scary moments, the movie would be avoided by viewers who are scared of clowns. Instead of fear, pain, and intimidation that should be experienced, the movie causes sympathy, laughter, and relaxation, as you watch killer-clown chasing people.

Dawn of the Dead

A traditional zombie film will not leave you indifferent. Check out several dependable essaypro reviews if you want to watch your first horror movie tonight. You will hardly have the strength and endurance to accomplish any tasks after you enjoy Dawn of the Dead. There are two versions of the movie available for viewers, dating back to 1978 and 2004, with the original one being not scary at all. Therefore, it is up to you to choose the more or less intense and fast-paced item. Anyway, it is likely to be a memorable and exciting experience you will remember long.

The Shining

The only reason why this movie is mentioned in the list is because it is the most fantastic representation of the horror genre. A starling performance of well-known actors, an exciting plot, and a combination of other factors make The Shinning an absolute hit.

Night of the Living Dead

Night of the Living Dead is another great option offered by George A Romero. A comparatively old movie is currently available publically in the US, so all the users have an opportunity to watch it. Slow-moving zombies act in a funny way, which makes the scenes interesting, instead of being scary.


It is one of the most impressive movies students enjoy watching during film parties. Despite some scenes look quite convincing, it is obvious that Jaws does not make people scared of sharks and water. Therefore, it is a perfect alternative for non-horror fans who want to peep at what the genre implies.

Attack the Block

The story about the alien invasion is supposed to be scary, but in fact, it makes viewers ultimately interested in the plot. A perfect cast adds to the experience, making the movie even more appreciated among non-horror fans. Instead of a scary film, the audience will have an exclusive opportunity to enjoy a fascinating comedy with a few appalling moments. Anyway, Attack the Block is a horror movie worth watching. Take your chance to get the assistance of papercoach.net or any other academic writing platform to get free time to devote to your new hobby.

The Babadook

If you have a look at the trailer, you are not likely to watch the full movie. However, The Babadook is not about fear and peril, but rather the risks associated with the unmanaged mental conditions. Unlike the vast majority of horror movies, the Babadook has a deep plot and important things to consider and conclude.


Eye-catching graphics and involving plot make the movie ultimately impressive. Following the users’ reviews, the film is more a comedy than horror, which is advantageous for those who are not fond of scary scenes and depressive moments.


Breathtaking animation, a top-notch cast, and a range of other factors make the movie appreciated among both younger and older viewers. There is a considerable number of students who search for a quality essay service review to free some time to enjoy the fantastic film. Although some scenes may be too intense for younger people, adults will definitely enjoy the whole piece.

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