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DPFF is Keeping Horror Fans Engaged with Two Streaming Platforms

The Coronavirus has either pushed back or postponed all planned events for the summer and early fall, and has taken a sledgehammer to submissions which is the lifeblood of film festivals. The Death’s Parade Film Festival is based in one of the hardest hit areas of California, so the organizers made the tough decision to postpone the festival until 2021. That didn’t stop them from keeping their audience engaged!

Enter the Grim and Bloody Podcast, and the Grim and Bloody Theater which streams on Youtube. Both platforms are hosted by Kevin Nickelson of Horror News Net, Anthony DeRouen (founder of DPFF) and Joe Flynn. Since the platforms launched in mid-March the trio has released over 20 episodes featuring guests like Dee Wallace (CUJO, HOWLING), Philippe Mora (HOWLING 2), David Black (SINISTER SYMBIOSIS), Joshua Kennedy (THE HOUSE OF THE GORGON), Al Omega of Creature Features, Adam Marcus (JASON GOES TO HELL), Mark Patton (NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET 2), David Frankham (OUTER LIMITS, STAR TREK) and a slew of indie filmmakers, with many more scheduled for July.

Anthony says, “At the onset of this global pandemic and subsequent lockdowns we searched for ways to connect filmmakers that were cut off from their respective productions with fans eager to escape this harsh new reality. We also wanted to remain connected with what we loved best. At the end of the day, we’re fans of horror as well, and you can feel that when we interact with filmmakers.”

Kevin adds, “The response by filmmakers and artists in the horror genre has been amazing. The different approach that each host, Joe Flynn, Anthony DeRouen and myself bring to the table and still have a real chemistry has been a key to our success.”

Listen to the Grim and Bloody Podcast on all major platforms. Watch the Grim and Bloody Theater on Youtube!

The month of July is jam-packed with podcasts and screenings, and August is filling up as well. If you would like to be a guest on their show email Anthony at deathparadefilmfest@gmail.com .

Follow the Grim and Podcast on all of your major streaming platforms – https://anchor.fm/grimandbloody

Follow the Grim and Bloody Theater on Youtube:


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