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Top-Rated Horror Slot Machines

There’s a lot of variety at the average online casino these days, especially in the ever-popular slot machine category. Norse mythology, sports, animals, fairytales – you name it, and there’s a slot (or multiple slots) with that theme. So, if you think there’s nothing for horror fans, then think again.

Horror is in fact a popular inspiration for slot game developers. Many are released to coincide with Halloween and prove to have staying power well beyond the October holiday. Others are based on classic horror movies, or well-known ghouls and monsters. The only question is, which of them are worth playing, and which will just leave you cold? We’ve rounded up a few of the best horror slots for your perusal.

Two of the Best from NetEnt

We’ll start with a pair of blood-curdling titles from the superlative casino software designers NetEnt. These guys truly deserve their reputation as one of the leading studios producing slot games for casino sites. Their graphics are always on-point, and the games are packed with features.

NetEnt’s Blood Suckers slot is the ultimate vampire-themed game. This slot has all the right ingredients – a sinister soundtrack, gory graphics and some excellent bonus rounds. It has 25 paylines from 5 reels, and a free spins round with a potential 3x multiplier. This is one of the slots that properly taps into the spirit of a horror movie, and they have managed to achieve a genuinely sinister ambience. Look out also for the follow-up, Blood Suckers 2.

Blood Suckers is not the only vampire game that NetEnt have created. There is also a beautifully-realised Dracula game, based on the classic novel. This is worth playing for the fun graphics and animations alone. Dracula is depicted as a handsome but menacing presence, periodically disintegrating into a cloud of bats which land on the reels to change the symbols. As usual, there are lots of excellent special features as to keep you amused.

Play Horror Slots at New Slot Sites

Before we go on, just a brief word about where you can find the right casino site offering these horror-themed slots. Although there are many well-established sites available, it may be worth considering making an account with a newer site.

Many players prefer to use new sites because they offer several advantages. First, they are more likely to be fully optimised for mobile players, having been built that way. Older sites are often retrofitted to be more compatible, but a custom-built site is always preferable. Another reason is that new sites always offer a good mix of old and new slots, as they are keen to make their mark in a crowded market.

Some people can be wary of playing at new sites, as there is not much information available about them. One top tip to help you is to look at who owns the site. Most online casino brands are part of a parent company that runs several at a time. Look at the other casinos under the same ownership as the new site you are considering. If the reviews are good, chances are their new venture will follow suit.

Zombies and Skeletons

So far we’ve seen vampires, but if those nocturnal monsters leave you cold, then give Lost Vegas a try. This slot from Microgaming allows you to play either as a zombie apocalypse survivor – or as an actual zombie. This neat twist is just one of the things that makes it such a fun and engaging game to play. The atmosphere changes dramatically between the two modes, and the bonus rounds and features are different.

Visually, Lost Vegas is fabulous. Zombie Elvis and zombie showgirls all make for a darkly comic vision of Sin City in the grip of the undead. It’s also one of Microgaming’s special 243 ways to win slots.

On to skeletons, and we couldn’t resist mentioning Day of the Dead from IGT. This one can’t really be classed as horror, as the cheerful little festival skeletons would be hard pressed to scare a toddler. Even so, they are a more light-hearted spin on the undead theme. There are flowers and fruit, and jaunty pink-clad skeletons. The reels can be played in either direction, and there is a total of 720 ways to win, making this quite an unusual slot in terms of gameplay.

Classic Horror Movie Slots

Horror movies are enjoying a bit of a revival, and there has even been some critical acclaim for this awards-shunned genre. Horror fans know that the critics don’t mean anything, and look back fondly at the classics of the 1970s and 1980s. None of them were winning any Oscars, but this was utterly irrelevant to the viewers. Now we’ll take a look at a pair of slot games based on two unforgettable horror classics.

First up – Halloween. The John Carpenter slasher launched a raft of genre tropes, and the career of Jamie Lee Curtis. There have been a staggering eleven movies in the franchise, and there are two more due to come. The slot is based on the 1978 original, and uses the suspenseful music to great effect. It has some good multipliers and free spins, and a very creepy bonus round where you have to try and escape from Mike Myers on the stairs. A very good effort from Microgaming.

Then we have possibly the ultimate horror series of the 1980s – A Nightmare on Elm Street. This is a progressive slot, setting it a bit apart from the others in this selection. In terms of the horror theme, it is extremely effective. The sound effects are quite unsettling, and there are some quite gruesome clips from the movie to accompany the gameplay. In the Never Sleep Again bonus round, you must complete a series of tasks to try and stay awake so that Freddy can’t get you – but remember, you don’t always know when you’re asleep.

There are plenty more horror slots to be found, but not all of them are as authentic and genuinely scary as the ones mentioned here. For the true horror fans, these are the ones to play.

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