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Film Review: Kill Devil Hill (short film) (2010)

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“Kill Devil Hill” is a short film based on an unsolved crime that triggered a bizarre series of murders through out North Carolina.


Kill Devil Hill is a debut horror short directed by Robert “Ace” Jordan. The 12 minute piece is an introduction short that reenacts a crime case that occurred in North Carolina. The town of “Kill Devil hill” is a real place as noted in wikipedia  “Kill Devil Hills is a town in Dare County, North Carolina, USA. The population was 5,897 at the 2000 census.”

In this piece, we meet a happy family of 4 who seemingly are taking in for the night as any other normal evening. However, little would they know that the father of 2 boys is in fact possessed by an evil spirit he encountered when “he” was a boy. This spirit somehow infected him and stayed with until adulthood in which possesses him to proceed to murder his 2 boys, this very evening.  The event is brutal, cold and a mystery as to what the true motivation was. His wife finds the bodies slaughtered about as the father weeps over his own evil deeds.

As an introduction piece, this kept wanting more to the point that I thought the when the credits rolled that it was just a prologue to what was going to transpire. Though the prologue was the actual piece which either felt unfinished or was cut off before just getting started. As an unfinished piece its hard to draw any real conclusive review other than I hope to see this develop into a full feature. The camera work, music and production were all professionally done so there doesn’t seem to be any reason to hold back. My hope would be that the possession aspect is taken into darker territories that explore the deterioration of mind body and spirit in both a visual manner and premise construction. The film stars Melinda Bennett, Taylor Graham, Aiden Miranda, and Hunter Miranda

This piece comes from Jordan film Empirical Pictures who seem to have all there bases in place.

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