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What Makes Us Love Watching Horror Movies?

If you have ever been on sleepovers with the company of friends, you probably know the question which would be asked every single time when choosing a movie to watch. This would sound as follows: who is down for some horror movies? That is the very moment you understand that this nights goes as it is supposed to be. Unless, you are one of the few people hating this genre of movies and regretting the need to watch it with everyone.

Therefore, it seems that there are only two categories of people in the world, those who love watching horror movies and those who would prefer not to. Some people would rather be losing money all night long in the New NZ Online Casino than watch horror movies with their friends. Such position can be justified since watching horror movies is quite an intimidating activity which may lead to sleep disruptions and unnecessary anxiety. However, why would the people from the former category love it so much? 

Reasons For People To Watch Scary Films

With so many different movies offered by the film industry nowadays, they are thousands of people preferring scary ones to all types of dramas, comedies or science-fiction. It shall not happen without a reason. For the first time people filmed this chiller-diller types of films in the late 19th century. It may have happened owing to the rapid development of the movie industry or because people at that time already required more rueful feelings in their lives.

For you to better understand the nature of human curiosity, we have noted some of the main reasons for people to watch these “no-happy-ending” films:

  • adrenaline rush: for some individuals adrenaline plays crucial role in the life fulfillment. Therefore, some do risky sports, while others watch scary films. Just for a short span of time, we are willing to endure the terror in order to enjoy a euphoric sense of relief at the end. We seem to enjoy the adrenaline rush of being scared while being absolutely safe;
  • aftermovie feeling of excitation: one of the theories explaining humanity’s love for these moveis states that it is not that feeling of intimidating that drives people to come for more but rather intensification of positive feelings they feel afterwards. In other words, after you have finished watching a horror story, your body resonates through heart rate, blood pressure and respiration increases which makes you also more vulnerable to positive emotions;
  • simple curiosity: we would not be people if we did not want to test our emotions to the limits. It is always exciting to feel something new and intimidating at the same time. In many cases curiosity is what drives people to prefer horror features.

All in all, horror movie industry will continue thriving as our human nature is the main driver for it.

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