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Home | American Guinea Pig: Bloodshock single blu-ray AVAILABLE 6/12/18!

American Guinea Pig: Bloodshock single blu-ray AVAILABLE 6/12/18!

For the first time, American Guinea Pig: Bloodshock is available as a single-disc blu-ray.


JUNE 12, 2018

Plot Synopsis:

A man finds himself trapped and used for medical experiments in an abandoned mental facility. He doesn’t understand why or how he got there, but the surgical tortures allow him to experience a new level of pain, sadness and reality he has never felt before. As the levels of maniacal mutilation enfolds, he finds himself down the rabbit hole. Grasping onto anything, the tormented finds a way out. Clutching onto what every human being is desperate for…little does he understand, his ending is all of our endings.

Bonus Materials:

  • Bloodshock: The Making Of (480p; 1:31:54) has a lot of behind the scenes footage which should appeal to fans.
  • Steve Nemeth’s Bloodshock Production Cell Phone Videos (720p; 6:35) offer moments like location scouting.
  • Days of Dead Atlanta 2016 Q&A (1080p; 21:43) features Stephen Biro.
  • Commentary with Marcus Koch and Stephen Biro
  • Commentary with Andy Winton, Gene Palubicki and Alberto Giovannelli
  • Biro’s Bloodshock Introduction (1080p; 5:14)
  • Dan Ellis Interview (1080p; 39:21)
  • Lillian McKinney Interview (480i; 11:18)

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