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Interview: Deanna Russo (The Ice Cream Truck)

Hi Deanna, First off you did such a kick ass job in “The Ice Cream Truck.”

How did you prepare to play Mary?

Thanks so much! Megan was thorough with rehearsals. Her tone was so specific that getting to work on it together before shooting was a huge gift.

When you first saw the truck on-set what did you think?

That truck is rad! Vintage vehicles are such head-turners, you know?

I find that Horror films with actual an actual human as the monster are sometimes scarier. You are not always sure what humans are capable and what they will do. Did you feel that way with Emil playing this creepy, lurking Ice Cream man?

I absolutely agree. Monsters are measurably scarier when lurking under our own skin. Emil is such a sweetheart, though. What a talented dude!

Do you have a favorite scene in the film?

My favorite moment is when Lateace over-pours her cup of wine at the party! She’s a gem.

What was it like for you working with the cast?

We had a blast! They were all super chill and had a great sense of humor.

What was it like working with Megan Freels Johnston?

Megan is an inspiration for all film makers. Don’t wait for someone to greenlight you. Greenlight yourself! That’s what Megan did. She wrote a story she wanted to see and made it happen. I have so much respect for her hustle.

Did the two of you discuss where you wanted to go with the character or did she just let you go for it?

Megan had a clear vision from the get-go which fortunately included my natural presence as a human. I try to bring honesty to my work, and thanks to Megan, she sculpted that into what ended up becoming Mary.  

I felt for you during that entire conversation with Jessica (Hilary Barraford) being a writer and having people sort of dismiss you slightly. I noticed you have a writing credit so did you draw on personal experience or did you have to do any extra research? (I loved your face when she said, “Oh, like the Huffington Post!” I cringed because I have been asked that question so many times. You made this character amazing! People like to assume, I guess and the “real f*cking nosy was my favorite part of the whole film!)

Haha! Oh yeah – that’s so frustrating, right? It’s hilarious when creative professionals engage in conversation with non-creative professionals, especially freelance. It’s so hard for people to wrap their brain around an amorphous schedule. The uncertainty is frightening, so I feel like what people are really asking is, “What do you know that I don’t know?”

 And the answer is, “Control is an illusion, baby!”

You have portrayed so many various characters, do you have a favorite so far?

I’ve been really lucky to play so many fun roles! I think my favorite character was the cold-hearted publicist I got to be on Gossip Girl. It’s so satisfying to say all the awful things you would never say in real life!  

Hey thanks for having me – this was fun!

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