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Book Review: Read-Only: A Collection of Digital Horror – Authors Caitlin Marceau | M. Regan

We received a new entry of horror fiction a few weeks ago that really stood out from the usual kind of entrees we receive. Rich in style and attention to detail this release is titled Read-Only: A Collection of Digital Horror authored by Caitlin Marceau & M. Regan

Primarily this book tends to plant its feet rich into the Millennials era of things. Myself not of that era, can relate to the influx of technology I’ve seen become a part of younger generations method of communication (if not a part of everyone’s these days). However when you take on a collection of shorts that root themselves into modern means and that combine horror writing with commonplace particulars, you end up with something that feels fresh and relative. The stories here are very much a batch of present rooted horror. At times the horror here is subtle and implied while other times it just shoots straight for the jugular.

Caitlin Marceau & M. Regan have taken this approach by sinking their teeth into scenarios that invoke these elements of horror while doing so under a very 21st century entrenched model.

Shorts within take on a variety of horror settings, often combined with interesting narratives, storytelling, and texting. The shorts themselves combine a mixture of presentation styles that fluctuate between typical readings and moments of text-messaging interchanged between characters.

It’s a unique approach that keeps things hopping by letting the narratives intermingle with text messages received. often reminding me that today’s society is very much integrated with this mixture of reality and technical communications integration (if not additionally combined with chats, mobile calls, emails, social media specific isolated events and video chats). As I read thru each short story, I was reminded home much life has changed in the last 2 decades and how we all have adjusted to this integration of mass commutation devices.

Subjects move from one scenario to the other taking on different themes often ending in twilight zone style climaxes. Terrors are implied thru circumstance as in the case of “Kinda Stuck”, or more surreal like in “Mobius”. A haunted clock brings terror to a lonely soul who believes it is causing recent deaths. A track appears to be causing a madness ending in violent suicides.

A girl frustrated by her beautiful competitive friend decides to take matters into her own hands per way of forbidden technology. Maybe it’s just the mere fact that the reader is brought into the conversations in process fearing the outcome. Can a dating site backfire on you or perhaps a contract that has expired is the real threat? In short though, the tension mounts with each new entry! If anything here is evident, it is plenty of scenarios that involve, cause or influence death.

Read-Only: A Collection of Digital Horror” is a richly vibrant dark blend of horror fiction that brings things home using devices and situations readers can relate to. The duo of Caitlin Marceau & M. Regan have combined their talents giving you an alternating mix of subjects that keep things moving.

Whether it’s a news feed, a dark car ride, or a smattering of text messages rocketing towards you, this team has found a way to put a lil dread into your reading experience. check out this new horror entry that promises a good time while doing so in present day format!

Link to Read-Only: A Collection of Digital Horror

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  1. The real horror story is that “M” Regan was famous online, in a niche fandom community, but only for harassing and bullying others.



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