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GREMLIN! You can’t kill it! – Trailer, Stills and Poster for July release

Emmy Award winning director, Ryan Bellgardt’s (Army of Frankenstein) highly anticipated creature feature Gremlin hits VOD July 11 from Uncork’d Entertainment.

Godzilla meets The Ring in a thrilling, uniquely-scripted horror jaunt that boasts amazing computer-generated effects and from some of the best in the game.

Adam receives a mysterious box from a relative containing a creature that will kill everyone he cares about. The only way to be rid of the curse is to give the box to someone he loves. As the ominous timer on the box counts down to its end, he can only imagine the horrors that await. Does he give the box away to save his family, or unleash a monster upon humanity? He can’t destroy it. He can’t escape it. He can only give it to someone he loves…

Adam Hampton, Kristy K. Boone, Catcher Stair, Katie Burgess, Mike Waugh, and Caleb Milby star in Gremlin, available everywhere on digital 7/11.

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  1. SteelScissorsInYourSkull

    In all the years I’ve been watching movies I’ve never seen ‘amazing computer generated effects’. I’ve seen some that were pretty good or the only reasonable option to accomplish a shot. More often then that, especially with creature f/x, I get a sense I’m watching a video game. They almost never work.


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