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Deadman’s Tome Presents The Ancient Ones

– A dark tribute to H. P. Lovecraft and Cthulhu –
A journey into the dark and demented world of the Cthulhu mythos published by Deadman’s Tome

Featuring talented authors such as Raven McAllister, S. Alessandro Martinez and Jeff C. Stevenson, this collection of Lovecraftian horror takes you deep into the dark abyss of the unknown, and dares you to make contact with things that should not be. The stories contained in this magazine recreate the prose and story telling to H. P. Lovecraft to deliver a powerful and unrelenting feeling of unfathomable horror.

The Ancient Ones starts off with a short story by Raven McAllister called Roofwork, a slow burn that reads as if it was a newfound long lost work of H. P. Lovecraft. Roofwork is followed by The Darkness from the Ground by S. Alessandro Martinez, a balanced blend of elements from Call of Cthulhu and a slasher horror like Friday the 13th.

This issue of Deadman’s Tome features ten short stories dedicated to the mind behind Cthulhu and provides over 170 pages of content to enjoy. So, if you are a fan of Lovecraft and everything Cthulhu, then this magazine is geared just for you. The Ancient Ones is available to buy now, in both digital format (kindle) and paperback. Further information is available from at

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