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Is it a Dragon? Is it a Long Lost Ancient Dinosaur?

How many of you watch Youtube videos? How many of you get a kick out of mysterious objects flying in the sky?

It seems there is new video from China, according to Coasttocoastam.com, that shows a mysterious animal creature flying through the sky. To some, it seems like a pterodactyl and others it looks like a dragon. Of course, there is also the thought that CGI effects had something to do with this video. There is also some additional footage in the video from a man in Pennsylvania who recorded a mysterious flying creature. Some have criticized this video as well, saying CGI effects were used. What do you think?

Strange videos have been popping up all over. Some range from aliens, strange flying objects that are thought to be UFO’s and other videos as far as showing missing girls being held captive by their kidnappers. Years ago, when cell phones were a luxury, the idea of creating a false and edited video weren’t even thought of. There were only camcorders available which were in its self, select few had one. Now that cell phones are readily equipped with high resolution cameras, anyone can shoot a video and add something to it to get the popularity online and within social networks.

In the end, these videos are for our entertainment and they definitely get the mind to wonder.

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