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Interview: Artists Robert & Carol Postupak


Carol and Robert Postupak of Bethlehem, Pa are married and they are two of the most talented artists around. Their art is on display around the Lehigh Valley and several of their pieces are Horror-inspired. Their work in intriguing. When you first glance at one of their paintings, there is something that draws you to the painting. They work not on canvas but on copper and metals along with painting with automotive paint. The paintings come alive as you look at them. Their latest piece of the Legendary Alfred Hitchcock. Hithcock with his come hither stare and a cigar with a worn, weary war torn bird planted on his shoulder. It looks like it is coming to life as you glance at the painting with the fiery sky and all the features the Director possessed. Carol and Robert (Bob) are two of the most unique, talented Artists out there today. I interviewed them for Horrornews.net at Tallarico’s Chocolates owned by Brian Tallarico located in Bethlehem, Pa.

First off, please tell us a little about the two of you?

Carol- I (Carol) am more the quiet type. I use Art as a way of expressing myself and as a means of using art as my voice.


How did you both become involved in Art?

Carol-I (Carol) have always been drawn to Art. I liked drawing and eventually moved to painting.
Bob-I’ve always been interested in art, more so than anything else, whether it be martial arts or painting or cooking its all of great interest to me.

What inspires the ground metal backgrounds?

Bob- For myself, it’s a connection to the metal, taking the grinder and just letting things develop and flow. It becomes almost a meditation in a sense, you have this image in your mind’s eye of how it will look and you’re just letting yourself go. It’s very freeing. It’s inspired by my interest in custom cars and motorcycles. It’s a blend of the metal and watching it take another shape within the metal.


You have done a few Horror inspired ground metal backgrounds including Hellboy? Are the two of you Horror fans?

Carol-I like faces and expressions, whether they are heroes or villains or somewhere in between I am interested in horror but it scares the shit out of me. I have an active mind and vivid imagination.

Bob-I enjoy them from time to time, but if we watch them Carol with be up all night….

Artists-Robert-Postupak.--Carol-Postupak-(5) Artists-Robert-Postupak.--Carol-Postupak-(2)

What has been the most challenging piece the two of you worked on?

Carol-There was one piece that we did where we had to work from a blurry picture of someone we’ve never met. We had to do a lot of improvising. It was of someone’s father who passed away when they were young so it was a sentimental piece that you just want to get right.

Bob-We’ve done several commissions of people /places that hold a strong sentimental feelings to the clients, I find those to be the hardest, because the client has such a strong emotional connection. But yet it’s very gratifying, that they trust us with gift of creating the painting for them…


What made you join The Alternative Gallery?

Bob-Rob Riegel Came to our first opening at Blink Optical three years ago , and after talking to him and Brandon we felt it was a good place to start hanging and displaying our work. And watching the gallery grow has been an amazing.

Who influences the two of you personally and professionally?

Carol-I think my family influences me personally and professionally. I’ve become a stronger person thanks to my husband. Both he and my daughter want me to go out of my comfort zone and create that which moves me.

Bob-For myself it’s just watching Carols mind expand and flow through the painting , how she can express herself with the placement of color , it’s a very humbling experience to watch. It’s become a wonderful practice for me, an outlet, like a second form of meditation. A lot of my inspiration, again comes from the custom car and motorcycle industry. And watching it all collide on the canvases that we create…

How do you feel when one of your pieces sells?

Carol-Freaking awesome! There’s nothing better than when someone connects with something you’ve created. A little part of your spirit bonds with someone else’s.

What advice would the two of you pass on to fellow up and coming artist and current artist?

Carol-Keep creating and trying to get yourself out there. Talk to people (or have someone help you with that). Show people what you can do and let life do the rest.
Bob-Don’t ever say CAN’T , you have no idea what you can achieve until you try.. Just don’t quit, fall down, get back up , it’s not how many times you fall down doing something you love doing , it’s how many times you get back up that counts!


What do you think of the increase of Art in the Lehigh Valley?

Carol-More Art is always a good thing. People need ways to express themselves. Stifling creativity leads to negative emotions which leads to cultural/personal break-downs.

Tell everyone where they can go to purchase your work?

Carol-Right now we have work hanging at The Wise Bean and Tallarico’s Chocolates in Bethlehem and South Mountain Cycle and Cafe in Emmaus. and at The Alternative Gallery in Allentown..

You can also follow us on Instagram , Instagram/PopGrindArt, and at our website, www.PopGrindArt.com

What upcoming events will the two of you be participating in?

Carol- We are beginning to work on a new series of paintings based on transportation, vintage cars etc…


Bob and Carol’s Website – www.popgrindart.com/

Popgrindart on Instagram instagram.com/popgrindart/

Pinterest www.pinterest.com/carolbob2014/

Bob and Carol on Facebook www.facebook.com/bob.postupak

PopGrindArt on Twitter twitter.com/PopGrindArt


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