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Anticipation Is Your Weakness; What Do We Want from A New Star Wars?


A few months ago, Walt Disney Studios announced that they had acquired the intellectual properties of Lucasfilm Limited, which included franchises like Indiana Jones and Star Wars. Now, I know us film nerds were excited for a potential Marvel Studios produced remake of the classic Howard the Duck movie, but instead Disney announced that several new Star Wars films would ...

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Laughing Through the Scares: A Look At Horror Comedies


Horror comedies are hard to pull off. Despite some similarities in the genres, it’s difficult to find a balance between the screams and laughs. There are a variety of pathways from which to accomplish one, whether through reaction, satire or balls out craziness. However, the big question is how the classics in this subgenre accomplished it. A lot of it ...

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Back In Black: A Look At The Career Of Shane Black


Back In Black: A Look At The Career Of Shane Black β€œSince it’s the ’90s, you don’t just smack a guy in the face. You say something cool first.” – Joe Hallenbeck (Bruce Willis) in The Last Boy Scout Marvel Studios has picked some interesting choices to helm their various Cinematic Universe entries over the past few years. Who honestly ...

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