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Interview: Artist Ric Frane

"Artist & Mate" (Self-Portrait) by Ric Frane

Ric Frane’s paintings are filled with classic horror imagery, pinup girls, fantasy, and danger. Formally trained at the York Academy of Arts and Antonelli Institute of Art and Photography, Frane applies classical painting techniques to his own modern style with fantasy and horror subject matter. Holly Q, Horrornews (HN): When I look at your art, especially the monsters/pinups, I get a nostalgic feel, while at the same time, it’s modern and feels current.  Clearly, classic … Continue reading

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Interview: Artist Kristen Margiotta

Visual Artist Kristen Margiotta

The art of Kristen Margiotta takes you to dark and curious places filled with spooky imagery, pop culture icons, and big-eyed characters. A graduate of the University of Delaware, her paintings have been on display around the country since 2005. Kristen is also the illustrator of the picture book “Better Haunted Homes and Gardens.” Holly Q, (HN): When I look at your art, I’m reminded of the work of Margaret/Walter Keane, Tim Burton, and … Continue reading

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Interview: Nim Vind

Vancouver Canada’s Nim Vind is possibly the best band to be widely overlooked by the indie elite — at least up till now, as they finally gain college radio play across North America. Nim Vind, along with brothers Anthiny Kilz and Rob Kirkham, plus Joseph Blood, craft a kind of rock that is dark, catchy — sometimes terrifying — and always incredibly well-made. The music will dig under your skin, and there’s not much you … Continue reading

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Book Review: The Changed – Author B.J. Burrow

Written by B.J. Burrow Published by Apex Publications Publication Date: 2009 Format: Black/White — 248 pages Price: $15.95 print/$4.99 digital The basic synopsis of the book “The Changed” by B.J. Burrow? A zombie runs for US Senate. My first reaction? Worst. Idea. Ever. Could this book, a darkly comic equal rights allegory about self aware-undead, actually not be the worst idea ever? I had to know. The story starts out with a seemingly normal slice-of-life … Continue reading

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Interview: Eric Weiss – (aka Zombie!)


If you’re a horror fan and do any kind of online social networking, chances are you’ve crossed paths with ZOMBIE! on Facebook, Twitter and/or Myspace. Or maybe you’ve seen the ZOMBIE! logo on t-shirts, or the Youtube videos. You might even play the late-nite horror movie trivia games on Facebook. What’s the deal with ZOMBIE!, anyway? Having followed the Delaware-based entity for years, but never really knowing the whole deal (even though we live just … Continue reading

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