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Trailer: The Seven Steps (2011)

The Seven Steps (2011)

Thomas, a modern day Mortician has a life long fascination of Egyptian culture. Things go awry when his spouse Rona finds him “Mummifying” a cadaver while he is dressed as the Egyptian God of the Afterlife “Anubis.” His assistant and Tomb Guard Alex in need of better sentry training as Rona easily makes her way past him using her Umbrella! The cadaver’s cousin Jeremy Johnson arrives unexpectedly to claim the body that is unknowingly in process of mummification. Thomas becomes overly nervous and confused so he mummifies all parties involved and converts the Funeral Home into a Taxidermy Museum.

Cast and Crew:
Produced 2011
Producers – Pilgrim Productions & Fusion Studios
Writer – Cynthia Morrison –  Copyright 2011
Director – Cynthia Morrison
Contributing Writers – Scotty Fusion , Alex Penate

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  1. Nice going Cindy. You did a really great job here.

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