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Video Madness: Super VIII

Hello everyone. Today is another day. I trust you had no troubles sleeping these last few nights, well, unless you have a problem with grave robbing, necrophilia, slightly effeminate horror icons, or foolishness. If that case, then today’s madness is sure to give you nightmares.

Not at all necro-erotic, or particularly disrespectful to the dead, today’s madness is however chock full of all that fantastic foolishness that makes you notice just how foolish the inherent foolishness within all that tries not to be foolish really is. In this case, it’s your average 80’s slasher movie. In light of so much hype and silliness rising to the surface with the impending “Friday the 13th” remake, is it important to remember the truth at the heart of the matter (Michael J. Rots, I’m looking your direction) – horror movies f*cking ridiculous. The idea of a zombified, death-wielding Re-Re with a hockey mask stalking and murdering youths in the woods with any damn thing he can is ridiculous. And even if you wish to argue that point – there is still that fact that the treatment of this concept is usually pretty f*cking ridiculous in and of itself. Furthermore, it’s not just that concept specifically. Put any mad slasher romp, bio-zombie escapade, vampire suck fest, werewolf holocaust, ghost-mummy yarn or creature feature up to the test – it’ll always come back ridiculous. Because, after all, isn’t the idea of a guy who enters your dreams, or creates a monster out of corpses, or has his soul trap inside of a doll ridiculous? Of course it is.

So, here’s some more ridiculousness. Today’s madness is an unaired offering from MTV’s early 90’s sketch comedy show, The State. Those who remember this program usually remember it fondly. Various members of the troupe have gone on to bring you such wonderful nonsense as “Wet Hot American Summer,” “The Baxter,” “The Ten,” the TV shows “Stella,” “Reno: 911” and the short lived “Viva Variety,” amongst others.

I had to upload this video myself, and knowing the foolishness involving this show ever getting it’s much deserved DVD release, I have absolutely no qualms about doing that whatsoever. Now that I think about it, even if it were readily available I probably would still have no issue with this. However, I would not have had to, so there’s that.

Anyway, I’ll stop babbling and make with the f*cking jokes. I give you “Super VIII,” which is a far superior to any other franchise’s 8th installment I can think of. Oh well, there’s always hope for Saw 8, right?

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