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Fringe: TV Show – News 12.31.09

Winter Woes: Fringe’s (brief) Midseason Return 

Well, Fringe has left us plenty of time digest the events of the most recent episode “Grey Matters.” But fear not, Fringe will return with four new episodes starting on January 14 with the Winter Finale on February 4th.

After that, unfortunately, Fringe will be put on the dreaded “temporary hiatus” for seven weeks beginning Feb. 11 and end on April 1st (seriously.) In its place, Fox will dump the midseason drama Past Life.

For now we get a chance to see first few episodes of Season 2, which means we get spend a little time with our old pal Kirk Acevedo. Oh, how I miss Charlie. At least we know there are plenty of alterna-Charlies out there, somewhere. Whether we see them is another matter.

Here’s the lineup for the rest of Dec. until the Jan. 14 premiere:

-Thur. Dec. 17 9:00 PM Fox A New Day in the Old Town #2.1

-Thur. Dec. 24 9:00 PM Fox Night of Desirable Objects #2.2

-Thur. Dec. 31 9:00 PM Fox Dream Logic #2.3

On Thur. Jan.7 we go without due to the BCS National Championship. Then the following week the action begins again on Thur. Jan. 14 9:00 PM Fox.

Want more winter fun? Then check out the behind the scenes of Fox’s Winter Promo photo shoot.

Sci vs. Fi: Popular Mechanics takes on Fringe 

In an ongoing series, hard science mag Popular Mechanics searches for the scientific truth inside the science fiction of Fringe!

In the latest episode, “Grey Matters”, an “Other Sider” attempts to surgically implant previously extracted pieces of Walter’s brain(!), in an attempt to recover some of Walter’s important memories.

So, the folks at Popular Mechanics asked, “Can brain tissue be implanted and reconnected successfully?”

Steven Novella, clinical neurologist at Yale University School of Medicine says, “You can’t just transplant a piece of brain like you’re implanting a computer chip.” Adding, “If you remove a piece of brain you severe all of the connections to it. It’s like smashing up a computer and then piling up the pieces. It wouldn’t work.”

So, that’s a bust. How about being able to isolate specific memories inside the brain then?

That’s a big negative. “Complex memories are stored in a network of neurons, not in one place they could recover,” Novella says.

When asked about the validity of keeping the separated pieces of Walter’s brain alive, again Novella’s answer was disappointing. “When you transplant an organ, you hook up the blood supply,” he says. “Just putting a mass of tissue in another body doesn’t ensure survival. Brain cells are very sensitive to blood flow. They die within minutes without blood or glucose.” Of course, how could I forget about the glucose?

Novella discusses other unsatisfying discrepancies in the full article Here.

 Popular Mechanics broke down another recent episode, “August” which dealt with the team trying to crack the cryptography of the mysterious “Observers.” Apparently, the show creators got this one right (mostly,) They also delve in the idea of parallel universes in the season 1 finale “There’s More Than One Of Everything.” Bringing in theoretical-physicist heavyweight Michio Kaku. Who says that the show creators are blending two very real theories.

The first, called the “Many Worlds Theory,” is widely accepted by theoretical physicists. “The universe splits every time a decision is made,” Kaku explains. “One tiny quantum event could separate us from another reality.” The second theory, “M-theory,” sometimes called “Membrane theory”, postulates that our universe is an expanding membrane, similar to an expanding bubble in a sea of other bubbles—other universes. But before your mind is blown Kaku claims they don’t pose much of a threat saying, “These other universes, these bubbles, most of them are probably dead universes, so we don’t have to worry about them.”

For way more fun search keyword “Fringe” through the Popular Mechanics site’s search function to reveal a slew of other Fringe related articles as well as some for ABC’s “Lost”, also produced by J.J. Abrams, and also some “X-men” and other Sci-Fi related articles, Definitely worth checking out!

In other Fringe science related news the Associated Press sat down with Fringe star. Actor John Noble, to talk about the world of weird science. Read the article Here.

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