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Horror Author Lia Scott Price Releases New Vampire Comic Book

May 16, 2012. Horror Author Lia Scott Price has released her new Vampire Comic Book. Entitled “The Guardian”, the book is the first issue from her new comic book series called “Vampire Guardian Angels™”. There will be 3 issues published in 2012. The first issue is published through createspace.com. The series is based on characters created by Price from her …

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Horror Author Lia Scott Price’s Vampire Novel Becomes Free Online Comic

Horror Author Lia Scott Price’s Vampire Novel Becomes Free Online Comic Book Los Angeles, CA. October 2011. Horror Author and indie Film Producer Lia Scott Price has turned her Vampire Trilogy novel “The Guardian, Revenant, and Dominion” (amazon.com) into a free online comic book at liascottpricecomics.blogspot.com. She and her co-artist Wendell Nelson are the illustrators. It’s part comic book, part …

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The Horror! The Horror! Comic Books The Government Didn’t Want You To Read!

THE HORROR! THE HORROR! COMIC BOOKS THE GOVERNMENT DIDN’T WANT YOU TO READ! By Jim Trombetta Introduction by R. L. Stine THIS BOOK CONTAINS: MURDER! MAYHEM! ROBBERY! RAPE! CANNIBALISM! CARNAGE! NECROPHILIA! SEX! SADISM! MASOCHISM . . . and virtually every other form of crime, degeneracy, bestiality, and horror!* *Actual language from “Comic Books and Juvenile Delinquency,” interim report of the …

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