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Film Review: Infinite Santa 8000: The Movie



A half-human half-robot Santa Claus fighting mutants and robo-people in a vast, post-apocalyptic wasteland in the year 8000.


This is the time of year when we are inundated with reruns of animated holiday shows we have seen countless times, shows or movies most of us will admit to being sick of. Sure, maybe the kiddies will enjoy them but it’s time to move on and find something else to fill the gap, to get us into the holiday spirit. Most of us aren’t exactly normal and our idea of holiday entertainment may not be spending time with the Grinch or Rudolph. I’d like to spend my time with Santa Clause.

Not just any Santa Clause, the post-apocalyptic robotic Santa Clause of Infinite Santa 8000. He’s one tough SOB who has more than a few tricks up his sleeve. If Mad Max and The Terminator had a holiday love child, Infinite Santa would be their spawn. It’s a crude and stylishly animated feature film spawned from the 13 episode web series of the same name. The movie expands on the world created in the series as well as going several steps further. The same team from the series return to take Santa to hell and back, all the while kicking ass and taking names.


In the year 8000, the world has become a desolate wasteland with no real human life to find. We meet up with Infinite Santa who is fighting in what seems like an underground fight to the death. Our hero emerges victorious and his prize is meat. He takes his winnings home, a holiday sanctuary he has created to bring some sort of sanity to an extinct world. He lives a quiet life with Martha, his robotic girl, and his robotic reindeer. When night falls and the two retreat to bed, Martha is kidnapped from under his nose.

When Santa realizes what happens, he sets out to destroy anyone in his path. It won’t be an easy task since the entire incident was masterminded by the evil scientist Dr. Shackleton. She knows Santa is unique and has some secrets hidden away. The truth is only a few torture sessions away but Santa won’t go down without a fight. He will fight is way through the hundreds of mutants and robo-people in order to get Martha back.


Infinite Santa 8000 is filled with gruesome and bloody action from start to finish. The film has a unique look, from vision of the future to the animation itself. Even with the dark outlook, the colors are vivid and pop rather beautifully. The team of artists should be given a special mention since the film would not be what it is without them.

Their work far exceeds what one would expect from a tiny independent animated feature coming together on a tight budget. Creators Greg Ansin and Michael Neel have a keen eye (and ear) for talent and all should be applauded. Part of what makes the film so badass is the thundering metal soundtrack composed by Anthony Resta, Todd Cuff, and Josh Cuadra. Not only could it be listened to separate from the film but sets the tone and helps with the pacing of the picture.


As for Santa, it was enjoyable to see that given the circumstances in which he lives in, in the back of his mind, he holds on to his holiday spirit. Sure, he has no problem ripping apart hybrids or slicing up mutants, but part of him just wants to be able to spread holiday cheer.

There’s a twisted sensibility rampant throughout which balances nicely with an underlying message of keeping the holiday spirit alive. The voice talent of Duane Bruce and Tara Henry are perfect for taking us on this wacky journey through a futuristic robotic wasteland. It may not be for everyone but once it finds the right audience, it will be sure to garner a following. Whatever the plans for Infinite Santa 8000 may be, they’re ones you should be keeping an eye out for since it would be in your best interest to pay attention to what is to come. *****(out of 5)

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