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Multi-media Zombie Epic Debuts – And It’s All Free!

Got a press release this morning about The New Zeitgeist an incredibly ambitious project that in celebration of World Zombie Day will be available free to all who are interested. All the details are in the press release below so check it out and get busy downloading.

The New Zeitgeist, a new multi-media zombie concept series, will be available for free digital download as part of World Zombie Day 2013. Fans of the undead will be able to download the album and e-book for free in multiple formats from Oct. 12 and Oct. 13.

While it contains its fair share of gore and action, The New Zeitgeist series focuses more on the day-to-day realities of life during the zombie apocalypse… what people do when they’re not being chased around by zombies.

The story begins with the full-length CD, The New Zeitgeist: Songs from the Zombie Apocalypse. Written from the viewpoint of a post-apocalypse radio DJ, the concept album features eight original songs including the epic-sounding finale, “Evolution” and the rock anthem “Destroy the Brain” (see the music video on YouTube.) The music is interwoven with DJ commentary and on-air news flashes that lend a creepy realism to the effort, providing plenty of replay value for hardcore zombie fans.

The storyline and setting is expanded in the companion e-book, The New Zeitgeist: A Tale from the Zombie Apocalypse. Designed to complement the album but stand alone as a novella, the 16,000 word e-book chronicles the origin story of Ray Bukowski, a songwriter who spends the zombie apocalypse trapped inside a New York City recording studio. Together the album and e-book provide a one-two “multimedia” punch that breaks new ground in the zombie genre.

“In the end, I just hope that I told a kick-ass zombie story,” said Kiefer. “The New Zeitgeist is a rock opera and a pulp fiction novella for all of the deadheads out there.”

Fans can learn how to download their free copies at Kiefer’s website, www.thekiefer.com.

Free album downloads at: http://www.erickiefer.bandcamp.com

Free e-book downloads at: https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/333066


High-quality photos for media/review use are available at: www.thekiefer.com

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