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Video Madness: Pencil Face

Here’s a bizarre little film I ran into on a site called openfilm. It’s called “Pencil Face” and it’s pretty f*cking disturbing. I mean that. This pencil creature really gave me the willies. He’s got this frozen grin that’s pretty unnerving. The weird musical accompaniment and the strange subject matter – that of an almost Djinn-like pencil – doesn’t help matters.

This video was brought to you by some guys calling themselves The Dandy Dwarves, at least on openfilm anyway. I could probably go out and find more info on these fellas, but ya know what, your Professor is having a lazy day, and he wants to get some food in his belly and some comics in his eyeballs. If you care enough and are intrigued enough by these guys, do your own research. Yeah, you heard me. Nobody cares what I write here, anyway. Hell I could write a whole bunch of non sequitur nonsense in here and no one would know any different. Maybe I’ll just do that one day for fun, just to see who’s out there giving me the fine tooth treatment.

[springboard type=”video” id=”1627249″ player=”horn005″ width=”480″ height=”400″ ]

That day, however, is not today, for I mean not to take anything away from these guys and their work, which I think is interesting and well done. They have a couple other films, which are both equally interesting, with some wonderful photography (if you can even call it that without the use of “film”) and trippy imagery. Like I said above, check them out on openfilm if you dig this, because you’ll probably dig their other stuff as well.

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