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Book Review: Little Boy Lost – Author T.M. Wright

Little Boy Lost

by T.M. Wright
(Uninvited Books)


When his six-year-old son vanishes, Miles Gale is suspected of having committed an unthinkable crime. He alone knows that the truth is even more unthinkable: his son has been taken by a creature out of time, a creature out of nightmare. The boy’s mother has returned to claim him … and Miles will have to go through hell to get him back.

It seems that I have been living under a rock. Before the wonderful people at Uninvited Books sent me a copy of T.M. Wright’s “Little Boy Lost” I had never heard of or read anything by Mr. Wright. I will be forever grateful to Mr. Dunbar for correcting that fact.

According to what I have found in my research of Mr. Wright, “Little Boy Lost” was first released in 1992. Where the hell was I in 1992 and how did I miss such a fantastic book.

“Little Boy Lost” is a terrifying journey into every parents worst nightmare. Miles Gales six-year-old son vanishes and he is the main suspect. His other son CJ, who has a photographic memory is taken away from him and put in a foster home. If you think this seems like a basic well traveled premise, you would be horribly wrong.

“Little Boy Lost” is what horror fiction does best…it scares the hell out of you, and it does so with amazing characters, haunting prose and atmosphere that will leave you breathless as you lock the doors….thinking somehow that that will keep you safe.

My favorite part of the book was CJ, Mr. Wright just nailed him. He was really able to bring me into the inner workings of a young child blessed (or cursed) with a photographic memory. CJ came to life for me and that is the highest praise I can give an author.

“Little Boy Lost” is why I read horror fiction and I give it my highest recommendation.

I would like to personally thank Uninvited Books for their unwavering mission to bring literary works of dark fiction to the reading public, for me it is a noble goal and one that is much appreciated.

Little Boy Lost – Author T.M. Wright

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