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Book Review: A Matrix Of Angels – Author Christopher Conlon


by Christopher Conlon
(Creative Guy Publishing,
April 2011 release)

Once in a great while I will come across a book that can’t be pinned down to a genre. A book that defies the norm, steps outside of what I come to expect from a book and to put it bluntly…knocks me on my ass.

Christopher Conlon’s “A Matrix Of Angels” is that book.

It is a story of friendship, memories, redemption, forgiveness, despair, happiness and, oh, yes…a killer of young girls.

“A Matrix Of Angels” goes far beyond your basic serial killer tale. It will make you laugh, it will make you angry, it will most definitely make you cry, but most importantly this story will be with you for a long time after you finish.

Francis Pastan is introduced to us at the beginning of the book. She is an alcoholic, a somewhat successful children’s book author/illustrator, a divorced mother of a young daughter that doesn’t want anything to do with her and she also tends to invite younger men into her bed.

She is attending a book festival in Santa Barbara and decides to go to Quiet, CA where she spent a year of her life when she was abandoned by her parents. Once there the memories of her time there come roaring back. She remembers her first real friend Lucy Sparrow, the time they spent together and how Lucy was horribly murdered.

I won’t reveal anything beyond that. I don’t want to take away any of the power of this book.

I will tell you that the ending will leave you staggering in its wake.

It is only the end of January 2011, I thought that I would not be able to find a book this year to match my previously reviewed “Gardens of Night” by Greg F. Gifune. I was wrong,  “A Matrix Of Angels” manages to match, if not go beyond “Gardens of Night”.

It is a good time to be a lover of horror fiction and if you, like me enjoy having your emotions twisted and turned “A Matrix Of Angels” is a must read. Use the links above and order this book. I guarantee you will not be sorry and that this will be one of the best stories you have read in a very long time.

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