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Film Review: Disturbed (2007)


After helping to convict a deranged killer and rapist, the Fontaine family rests easy. But terror soon reigns when the serial murderer escapes and returns for revenge. Now, their worst nightmare is at their door. But his attack turns one of the hunted into the hunter — with a thirst for revenge of her own. Randy Aldridge directs this independent thriller starring Melissa Deverian, Lisa Coldwell and Gary Slayton.


I tend to be overly opinionated when it comes to movies. If I see something and I don’t like it, I don’t waste any time ripping it apart.

What I tend to miss when watching independent films, is that these people are a lot like me and love films. They are trying to do the things I would love to do. So, when watching small budgeted horror films, I need to take a different perspective when watching them. I need to appreciate them for what they are trying to accomplish with what they have and not focus on what they didn’t do or could have done differently. “Disturbed” is one of those films. Directors’ Randy Aldridge and Brian McLaughlin put together a strong little film with limited resources, one worth a viewing.

Charles Mason (Randy Aldridge) has recently escaped from prison, his target is the family whose father, Congressman Fontaine, a former district attorney, was responsible for putting him behind bars. Trouble is, the family has moved and Mason must find them. Ashlee (co-screenwriter Melissa Deverian) is the oldest of the Fontaine siblings who is watching over her younger siblings, brother Alex (Alex Aldridge) and sister Peyten (Peyten Aldridge) as well as maintaining a job as a real estate agent while her parents are out of town. People begin to show up dead and Ashlee hears of Mason’s escape and becomes paranoid. The cops never seem to find anything but she keeps finding things to make her think that she or her siblings may be next on his hit list.

I bet this plot sounds familiar to you, right? Well, it is basically a “Halloween” clone but it is obvious that this wasn’t meant to be a clone but a fun homage to an influential classic. And for the most part, it works well. There were a few needless scenes that added nothing to the film with a school principal that made no sense to me whatsoever, as well as some editing issues I had that had confused me a bit but overall, this is one to watch.

There is an almost playful element to this film, it’s mostly bloodless and non-graphic. There is a point where there is a graphic rape scene that came from out of nowhere that changed my whole outlook on the characters involved, its aftermath was disturbingly believable and takes that character to a whole new level. My first impression of the actress was that she wasn’t much of one but as the film goes on her performance began to draw me in and I feel she did a terrific job. I applaud Melissa Deverian.

Also above average is the films musical score by David and Donald Poole. The music really complemented the film and the cues really worked to build suspense right when it was needed. Technically the movie looked pretty good, some scenes had some interesting lighting but there were a couple times where there was a problem with being out of focus that was a bit distracting.

Only a minor gripe for movie built on nothing but on desire and family. The dialogue had a weird rhythm to it which I ended up really liking and, though not the greatest, the acting was solid and they were a likeable bunch. “Disturbed” owes a lot to “Halloween”. That isn’t to say that the film has no place but it does. The filmmakers have just started their careers and used a formula that they knew would work. The film was a family affair and knows each others strength and weaknesses which were utilized properly. Trial, error, and a pinch of natural talent makes a good filmmaker.

These guys are on the right track and hopefully they will grow with their next film. It may be a sequel but I hope they try their hand at something a bit different but I’m sure it’ll be interesting.

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