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Freight Train films announces latest project ‘Red Shirt’

Injured in an industrial accident. Blamed for faulty work conditions. A man loses touch with reality & is forgotten. The serenity of Dunston’s cove will soon come to an end. Will the Sheriff find the cause in time or will the town pay in blood? They should have been ready……

Starlet Monica “The Original Gata” Dupree has sent some pics & video of her latest project “Red Shirt”. Which is currently in production in Maine. Monica is one of the hardest working actresses in the business period & any project that she’s working on is deserving of attention. 

Show her & the film some love & hit her up on her website at www.moniquedupree.com & at http://www.freighttrainfilms.com/Red_Shirt_Edited_Page.html


  1. Hello kind Mr. Saint sir, I just wanted to point out that her name is Monique not Monica. You do have it right on her website address, but called her Monica twice in the write-up. I Hope this helps :)

    I ahve some rocking set pics if you want some…
    Bill McLean

  2. The Black Saint

    f*ck me sideways Mr. Mclean! My sincerest apologies. She is a bud of mine & she’s probably beside herself seeing that I spelled her name wrong. I will apologize to her as well. I must’ve been tired that evening. Good luck with the film…


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