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Film Review: Shark Bait (2022)

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A group of spring breakers are enjoying the trip of a lifetime on the sandy beaches of Mexico. As the sun rises after a night of partying, they steal a couple of jet skis and race out to sea. But bravado and bad decisions lead to a terrifying accident. Stranded miles from shore, the true horror begins when the group realizes they’ve drifted into shark-infested waters. With no way back and one friend badly bleeding, the group must quickly figure out how to survive the predator lurking in the waters below. 


If you have known me for a while… You know, I love sharks, I LOVE SHARKS. I love shark-related films. JAWS, The Reef, Shark Night, The Last Shark, 47 Meters Down. I could go on and on about sharks. Sharks are misrepresented creatures. Sharks have been around for “450 million years” and they have survived through everything.

Shark Bait was directed by James Nunn, and written by Nick Saltrese.

The movie opens on a beach, everyone is drinking, dancing, having that almost-sex, flashing each other. Just a lot of fun. Holly Earl plays Nat, Jack Trueman is Tom, Catherine Hannay is Milly, Malachi Pullar-Latchman is Tyler, Thomas Flynn is Greg.

This crew is just getting drunk and having fun. Nat (Holly Earl) takes off by herself for a bit. Nat means a gentleman (Manuel Cauchi), he lost his legs and he’s trying to survive. He tells Nat a story and sort of gives her a warning. Her friends don’t seem to give a shit. Nat, Tom, Milly, Tyler, and Greg head back to the beach the next day.

They get jet skis, and nobodies hair gets messed up. They wind up having an accident, and Greg gets messed up, Tyler gets knocked unconscious. They took the jet skis out pretty far so, and Greg has a compound fracture (His bone is out of his leg.). They can’t get the jet ski started now, after going out way past where they were supposed to go.

The five of them are stuck now, stuck in the middle of the ocean, and they are drifting further out. Tyler (Malachi Pullar-Latchman) volunteers to try and save his group of friends. I made homemade chili and yellow rice while watching this movie. Could they be any louder? Cue the shark.

I feel for Tyler, he has a long ass swim ahead of him. Milly is still trying to get her phone to work. It’s a pretty good movie so far. The cast is doing a great job. Man, poor Tyler is still swimming. Once again, cue the sharks. I do appreciate how they always try and release a shark film right on time for summer.

The shark or sharks in the movie is cool. Sharks get a bad rep in life. I love the underwater shots. They are so surreal. You imagine how the sharks live, and what they see. If sharks even know anything about humans except that we enter their homes and some times we are disrespectful.

Milly’s eyebrows look great for being stuck on a jet ski in the middle of the ocean, my hair would be wild and out of control. They are working on trying to get themselves help. They always say that’s a good step in life, when you ask for help but some people throw it back at you. If you ask for some sugar, some folks will spend life reminding you that “remember that time I gave you sugar?”

For the movie, I’m sure the shark is going to notice the jet ski… you know for the shark bait. This shark said, FORGET this jet ski. They really did good with the special effects. Nat looks like she’s losing her shit. I’ve seen that look. Okay, Nat is a Kansas girl. I have friends in Kansas, hi to everyone in Kansas.

They need to get this freaking jet ski fixed and get moving. Let’s say they do get the jet ski fixed? Will the shark wind up in a high-speed chase with the jet ski? I would suggest watching Shark Bait, it’s a fun movie to watch. Grab some popcorn or snacks of choice, and a beverage of choice.

Make sure to check out SHARK BAIT.

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