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Film Review: The Nudels of Nudeland (2022)

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In a truly original story that is naked and not afraid, Meet TIM CHIZMAR, he’s loud and naked, in America that’s how you know he’s Tim Chizmar. Meet LUCZ PADILLA, she’s quieter, religious, and nude, she works at a designer fashion label company in Mexico. Their lives are turned upside-down when these two young nudists are deported to the country of NUDELAND where they can finally live with others that are not Clothes-minded. But even amongst the unique personalities and over-the-top characters (like a reverse Flasher running around) can our heroes ever truly get rid of the shame and anxiety inside and allow themselves to be free? Sure, nude isn’t lewd, but it can come with mental baggage. This movie has heart, humor, love, and the best fans in the world


Tim Chizmar wrote and directed The Nudels of Nudeland. Tim Chizmar has another film coming out called, Hell’s Coming for You starring Dillion Dillagaf. Chizmar has also written and interviewed the iconic Clive Barker. The Nudels of Nudeland opens with Juliana Acosta praying and sort of battling with man…or woman kind. This movie is about the life of nudists. Some people see nudity as nothing but sexual. Some people see nudity as art, some people don’t care either way.

The movie shows the different sides of being a nudist. Some people have to hide this and some people are okay with it. We meet more of the cast including: Joseph Adams, Julie Antti, Jeremiah Benjamin, Re’Shell Brown, Al Burke, Tim Chizmar portrays himself, Phillip Fayne also portrays himself, Joe Filippone, Jasmine Gilmore, Eloise Gordon, Kelly Helm, Cynthia Holbach, Rolf Holbach, Katya Jakanov, Sarag Jane, Virginia Lukei, Michelle Moraveg, Melody Munson, Jeremy Pace, Bill Pacer, Adrienne Pearson, troy Peterson, Carol Powel, Andy Shmuck, and more.

Tim’s girlfriend wants to break up with him because he’s “naked all the time.’ Tim’s voices in his head are also wrestlers. He has to deal with the cops and constantly explaining why he is naked. Officer D. Mann (Al Burke) shows up and decides to send Tim to Nudeland, a place where everyone is nude, free, and happy.

This movie feels like it was such a collaboration despite the fact that Tim Chizmar wrote and directed the film. I had the opportunity to interview Tim Chizmar and he’s one of the most positive and hardworking humans I’ve ever talked to.

Okay, may we take a moment to talk about how adorable the dog is. Also, the dog doesn’t care at all about the naked people. They go back and forth with the stories and how different the lifestyles are. Lucz Padilla (Juliana Acosta) also has those “brutal” thoughts… via a wrestler.

The laughing back-tracks and police sirens that play when Officer Mann shows up is funny. “Isnt that against the law? Forcing us to think?” Imagine that! It’s wild how thinking for yourself can get you in trouble. Brady Alisauskas portrays The Prime Minister’s Assistant and Stephane Deschenes portrays the Prime Minister Pierre Mustache.

We meet Journey (Re’Shell Brown), and the fun group at Nudeland. Mondo Mann (Jeremiah Benjamin) wants to be the first nude skateboarder. Julie Antti portrays Barb Wire, she’s a trip. Lucz shows up at Nudeland after her encounter with Officer Mann. They also mention Pennsylvania where Tim Chizmar grew up.

The scenarios in this movie are funny. It’s great to see nudity embraced and not looked at in the typical way as oh MY GOSH, there is a naked person. Jeremiah Benjamin doing yoga in a hammock just makes me want to go out and buy a hammock right now.

Lucz is trying to explain her job situation which has been a nightmare for her. George Marshal (Rolf Holbach) gives Lucz a chance to get a job. UGH! The “life box.” This is what we are expected to do or else you know, we’re losers or something. You grow up, go to school, you don’t learn about real life unless you live real life, I learned about paying bills and taxes thanks to my mom constantly working and paying bills.

But we are expected to go to college after school, some folks backpack through Europe or something? Are people still doing that? Then you get a job that you may or may not love or even like, and that’s life. Then you get married, have kids, and pay bills.

Tim and Lucz get to know one another. The have stuff in common. Life is funny because there is so much more that we don’t see everything, we don’t always truly live. And… yes, I realize this movie isn’t horror but Tim Chizmar has done a lot for the horror genre and he’s a horror fan. His Blair Witch Project was such a random reference. He did good with this movie, it reminded me of Clerks.

Make sure to check out The Nudels of Nudeland.




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