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Film Review: Demigod (2021)

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Upon the death of her grandfather, a woman and her husband return to her birthplace in Germany’s Black Forest, only to find a terrifying secret awaits them.


Directed by: Miles Doleac

Starring: Rachel Nichols, Jeremy London, and Elena Sanchez

Demigod was directed by Miles Doleac and written by Miles Doleac and Michael Donovan Horn

Demigod stars Rachel Nichols who starred in one of my favorite scary movies and it could qualify as a Christmas horror movie also. Rachel portrayed Angela in P2. It’s a great movie. She’s also been in everything from The Amityville Horror (2005), Star Trek (2009).

In Demigod, Rachel plays Robin Murphy and Yohance Myles (Blue Bloods (2015), Containment (2016) portrays her husband, Leo Murphy. Robin’s grandfather passed away so Robin and Leo are going back to Robin’s home. Karl (Jeremy London) is the grandfather.

Robin’s grandfather lives in the middle of nowhere. Robin and Leo arrive at her grandfather’s house. It’s a beautiful house. Robin reminisces, has some potential bad memories.

Miles Doleac films are always intriguing. There is a level of sophistication to his films. Speaking of Miles, Leo has to get rid of all the dead animals Robin found and Leo runs into Arthur Fuchs portrayed by Miles Doleac. If you haven’t seen The Hollow, The Historian or The Dinner Party, you should check them out.

Arthur refers to Robin and Leo as the lion and the little bird. They are having a conversation in the middle of the woods and Robin brings up the stories her grandfather told her. Arthur shares his own version which is this beautiful linguistic of terror. Robin thinks it’s nothing. Just “scary” stories.

Over the years, I have always wondered about mother nature and the lack of care we do have for a planet that we should take care of. I don’t want to turn this review into some kind of strange political article but I do think we should take care of the planet.

Now back to our regularly scheduled screener: Demigod. Leo found some pictures that Robin drew as a kid. They have monsters in them and Leo is curious about the pictures. Robin shares a story about her family and something traumatic she experienced as a kid.

Leo and Robin are going to stay in the house, the house sort of becomes an extended character and part of Robin’s grandfather. I always wonder about film locations. The house looks like beautiful but creepy with lingering secrets. It gets a little weird at night and here come the nightmares.

Lindsay Anne Williams portrays Hettica. Hettica and her group come in and oh I think Leo was right about not wanting to stay in the house. Robin, Leo, Arthur, and a few others are in a bad situation. I will add, I do believe the forest Gods want a sacrifice. I could be wrong?! You will have to watch the movie to find out.

We also meet Katya (Tatiana Piper) and Tabitha (Manon Pages).

“Humor is the refuge of the damned.” Is it The Simpsons or Sara Lyons Fleming? “Until the End of the World.”

Humor is the refuge of the damned. I think “funny” people can be exhausted and tired because to be able to genuinely make people laugh, you know the laugh I’m talking about. That gut-busting, laugh till your crying laugh. Over the years people have either discovered or they have noticed that some of us get through real deal dark times by laughing at ourselves.

Okay, lets take a moment to discuss how stunningly beautiful this scene is. We often see “sacrifice” type of scenes at night, “under a full moon” of course, but this is something different. These people obviously have been doing this forever. The special effects are great, and the costumes with the make-up.

Hettica played by the already magical Lindsay Anne Williams is doing such a good job playing this role. She is deeply invested in this role. Elena Sanchez portrays Latara. Oh, we also meet Fell (Sarah Fisher) and Grimur (Christian Stokes).

One thing I want to touch on is history, because Miles Doleac knows history, it’s always fascinating to look up certain characters and you can learn some cool new information.

I don’t want to spoil the ending so watch the movie. The songs that play are “Sunset Smile” written by Miles Doleac and “Conjuring Song” also written by Miles Doleac. I love the music.

If you a want a great scary movie to watch, I would recommend checking out Demigod.

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