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How to Watch a Scary Movie If You’re a Scaredy-cat

For some people, scary/horror movies provide them with just the right amount of adrenaline and excitement that they need for an entertaining evening. Naturally, there are others out there who would feel much better if they skipped out on that adrenaline and the jump scares altogether.

However, seeing a scary movie from start to finish can be an entirely thrilling experience, especially if you love to delve into the plot and backstory, or if it’s an adaptation of one of your favorite books. At the same time, most people on this earth are scaredy-cats – who can’t properly watch scary movies.

Luckily for you, we’ve prepared a series of tips and tricks that can help scaredy-cats (probably like you) stick it out on that sofa or in that movie theater!

The Sea of Sub-Genres

When it comes to movies that can scare you, horrors are not the only genre you can choose from. On top of that, if you are one of those people that get scared easily and your heart rate increases drastically after a simple jump scare, then you must know how to select the proper type of scary movie to watch.

For example, gore horror movies (such as the Wrong Turn series) are not for the faint of heart. Not to mention the fact that such movies can be very traumatic for some people. Here’s the secret to choosing a movie – go with something that won’t affect you mentally.

Usually, scaredy-cats have better luck with psychological thrillers, such as Hannibal, over extreme gore, or intense paranormal activity.

Learn When to Cut Audio and Video Triggers

The horror genre is usually predictable. If you’re watching a movie that you can’t predict, it will soon become part of the experience as well – so the fear is felt then and there for one time only.

Thanks to horrors being predictable, we can easily determine when we have to cover our eyes, our ears, or simply dunk our head into a pillow. In fact, for most horror-watchers out there, this is the only reason they can watch such movies. It allows them to be able to experience fear and suspense without actually being scared to death by a jump scare.

Psychologists and therapists say that a good way to avoid being overly scared is to cut audio and video triggers when you feel like it – such as muting the video or, as mentioned, covering your eyes and ears.

Spoiler Alert!

Spoilers are vital for anyone that doesn’t want to get too scared when watching a horror movie. In fact, you might actually come across spoiler lists that spoil only jump scares or overly suspenseful scenes, without giving away too much of the story.

We know that purposely looking at spoilers might ruin part of the movie experience, but it’s one of the ways to increase the predictability of horror movies. Ultimately, this allows you to not even flinch when the scary ghost makes a surprise appearance on the big screen.

Avoid Watching Alone

What happens when you watch a horror movie alone as a scaredy cat? Well, you’ll pretty much have the most difficult time of your life falling asleep afterwards– especially if you live alone!

Even in this pandemic, there are still ways to create an online watch party and see a horror movie surrounded by your friends. Moreover, if you have that one friend who’s immune to horror movies and can crack jokes about how stupid some horror scenes are, then you should already be preparing an invite to send their way!

Calm Yourself Down Beforehand

Well, there’s not much to say about this, to be honest, especially in 2021. If you live in a state where CBD/THC is legal, then you should definitely rely on such substances. They can make the entire movie experience not only better but also much more bearable.

Naturally, if you’re new to such substances, you can always read more online and find out everything you need to know – how they work, how efficient they are, and how much they could help when it comes to horror movies!

Know When to Stop

Over-the-top horror scenes might even cause you to throw up – but that’s not all. Let’s not forget the rumors about someone dying while watching the premiere of The Nun. If the scene is too powerful, those weak of heart may not take it well.

As such, it is essential to know when to put an end to a movie, either by closing your laptop or by leaving the movie theatre. It’s better to take a deep breath of fresh, clean air rather than be anxious in a movie theater smelling of fear.

The Bottom Line

Horror movies are not made to be enjoyed only by certain people. All of us can watch them, mainly because not all of them are the gory, over-the-top types of scary movies.

Naturally, if you can’t find one that could be a good fit for a scaredy-cat like you, remember that you can always rely on the good old classic collection, Scary Movie. After all, scary comedies are always good at providing us with both suspense and laughter!

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