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Film Review: Love Bite (Short Film) (2019)

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Taking refuge in an abandoned cargo truck during the Zombie Apocalypse, a dysfunctional couple (and their dog) find their lives on the line when they make a deadly bet over how the undead virus spreads.

Is a simple love bite now a death sentence? And how far will someone go to be proven right?


Starring Carlee Baker and Cuyle Carvin
Directed by Charles de Lauzirika
Written by Carlee Baker & Charles de Lauzirika
Produced by Jamie Davenport, Charles de Lauzirika, Carlee Baker, Andrea Flader

Written by Carlee Baker (Wicked Lake, Creatures of Whitechapel) and Charles de Lauzirika and directed by Charles de Lauzirika. Love Bite (2019) is a great zombie short film.

We meet Nancy (Carlee Baker) and George (Cuyle Carvin, American Made, Cobra Kai). So, the zombies are called, “droolers”. Nancy and George are together and trapped in a truck that’s surrounded by droolers.

There are different rules for this movie. I’m not sure whether to laugh or cry? This movie is funny but it kind of pokes fun and points out some of the stuff they do in zombie movies.

The effects in this movie are great. It turns out that just a bite is not good. The droolers are played wickedly by Nathan W. Collins, Emily Gruner, and Toddrick Thomas. WHY?! Why is George feeding them?

Nancy and George are just not going to last. This was sixteen minutes of fun. Make sure to check out Love Bites and Panic Fest 2021.

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